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Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Fought For Social Causes



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With great success comes great responsibility. Bollywood celebrities in our Country are revered and are treated with a great deal of respect and everything they do, is looked at with a magnifying glass. From what these celebrities do in their personal lives to the kind of causes they support, everything they do is a source of inspiration. Here’s taking a look at the different causes our favourite celebrities promote not just on the screen, but in real life as well!

1. Shabana Azmi

While Shabana Azmi may have been one of the most talented actresses of her time, the star has used all her years of fandom to promote gender equality and reduce discrimination against the girl child. In the year 1989, Azmi walked for four days from Meerut to Delhi for promoting communal harmony. By being made the brand ambassador of SAARC Goodwill Ambassadors, Shabana Azmi has constantly worked to not only empower the girl child, but also to reduce the stigma around HIV/AIDS.

2. Abhay Deol

For a while now, Abhay Deol has been one of the most vocal actors in the Bollywood industry. Calling out the things he considered the norm and expected from people, Abhay Deol has always called people out for all the things that are wrong in the industry. From slamming people who endorse fairness products, to letting people know it is okay to be natural and true to yourself, Abhay Deol has ensured time and time again the standards of beauty according to the world of Bollywood aren’t followed by people. In fact, a while ago, the actor went on a serious rant on social media and spoke about all the multiple evils which advertisements promote, especially when it comes to denouncing beauty in its natural forms.

3. Priyanka Chopra 

An internationally loved and nationally acclaimed actress, Priyanka Chopra has never shied away from making her point known or felt. Apart from being part of various campaigns and charities, PC is also the brand ambassador of NDTV’s Greenathon (a non governmental organisation [NGO] which supports the betterment of the rural world.) From being the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, to collaborating with various social media organisations and to advocating health, safety and education being the birthright of girls, Priyanka Chopra always stands for every cause in which she believes. As an actress with a presence not just in India but all over the world, PC has turned fame around to her favour, ensuring that when she talks, people sit up and listen!

4. Rahul Bose

A man who stands apart from the conventional stream of actors, Rahul Bose became famous not just for his acting skills, but for his social work as well. Apart from being the first Indian celebrities to become the face of Oxfam Global in 2007, he was also among the first few to start his own NGO called the Foundation. Created for improving the lives and educating the children in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Bose’s foundation has become an inspirational one to many others. A true fighter for creating a better tomorrow, Rahul Bose has also been a part of Akshara Centre, Breakthrough, Citizens of Justice and Peace and the Teach for India movement. A vocal supporter of the Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao movement, Bose dedicated the massive fan following he has to improve the condition of girls all over the Country!

5. Kalki Koechlin

Time and time again, Kalki Koechlin has been a strong advocator of equal rights, prevention of gender violence and educating the girl child. Partnering with V.J. Pandey, Kalki worked on a satirical video called “It’s Your Fault,” where the two took a different stance on how a rape victim feels and the kind of trauma the survivor goes through. Using all platforms available to her, Kalki makes sure her voice is heard time and time again, ensuring people stand up and take notice of what she has to say. In fact, Kalki used the India Today Conclave (2017) to perform a one woman show about abuse against women.

6. Nandita Das

An actor and director, Nandita Das has more than one credit to her name. From the kind of films she picks, to the kinds of stories she writes and directs, a number of Nandita’s choices (both on the personal and professional front) have been towards improving the society. From creating Leapfrog (an advertising agency which makes socially relevant films,) to being the forebringer of change with the kind of movies she makes (Water and Earth, to name a few,) Nandita Das is a true inspiration.

7. Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza is perhaps one of the most socially active and forward actresses in the Bollywood world. By being the face of a host of organizations (PETA, CRY and the NDTV Greenathon,) Dia Mirza makes sure everything she does is to help improve the world around her. Not only that, she also adopted two cheetah cubs at the Prince of Wales Zoological Park in Lucknow! Appointed as the brand ambassador of the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI,) Dia Mirza has made it her life’s mission to reduce the stigma around HIV/AIDS and in making the world a better place one cause at a time. Talk about being socially conscious!

8. Akshay Kumar

The original Khiladi of Bollywood more than proved he is a man who cares about his Country. Apart from donating Rs. 90 lakhs to more than 180 families who lost a member to suicide, Akshay Kumar also started a martial arts training institute purely for women to learn skills to protect and defend themselves. Furthermore, the actor also donated Rs. 15 lakhs to more than thirty widows and promised to donate the same amount every five months!

While playing the role of heroes in Bollywood movies may seem like an easy task, seeing these actors play real life heroes is heartwarming. If you think we missed out on any other celebrities like these, comment and let us know!



Imran Khan 37th Birthday- Unknown Facts About The Actor



Imran Khan 37th Birthday,Unknown Facts About Actor Imran Khan,Mango Bollywood,Bollywood Celebrities News 2020,Imran Khan Birthday Special,Imran Khan Birthday Celebrations,Happy Birthday Imran Khan,Imran Khan Interestinf Facts,Imran Khan Latest News 2020

Imran Khan is not your regular Bollywood celebrity.  The Shy actor prefers to remain out of the limelight when he is not working on a film.  Imran Khan may not have been on the news in recent times, but the actor has worked on several hits like Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na, I hate Luv Stories,  Delhi Belly and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

 Let us have a look at some of the unknown facts about this quiet actor, on his Thirty Seventh birthday.

 1. He is actually named Imran Pal.  He adopted his mother’s surname to honor her for raising him alone after her separation from her husband.

 2. He  directed a short film named Mission Mars: Keep Walking India, which Is about the Indian Mars Mission Mangalyaan.

 3. He filed a Public Interest Litigation in court against the Maharashtra State Government when they wanted to raise the legal age of drinking to 25.  Imran was of the opinion that it was unfair to wait till 25 years for one to express their freedom of choice.

 4. Imran Khan along with his wife Avantika Malik purchased a four acre plot of land which they converted to an animal shelter where staff and veterinary doctors can attend to the rescued animals.

 5. Imran Khan has been labeled as a gay icon by Bombay Dost, which is India’s first legal gay magazine in 2011 when he was one of the most popular celebrities..

 6. Imran Khan is a good Samaritan and is known to support causes in which he believes .  He supports People For Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ,and collaborated with All India Bakchod to do a satirical video when the ruling Government criminalised gay sex.

 The actor currently has no projects that he is working on right now.  He is devoted to supporting the causes which he believes .

 Here’s wishing Imran Khan a Happy Birthday!


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’83 – Character Poster Of The Little Master Released



The movie ’83 stars Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev, the iconic former Indian Cricket Team Captain.  As the movie inches closer to its release in April, Ranveer is slowly revealing the character posters of the Indian Cricket Team in ’83.

The movie follows the journey of Kapil Dev and his heroics in the historic Cricket World Cup in the year of 1983.  Ranveer Singh is a well known method actor and he is leaving no stone unturned in acing the looks, mannerisms and gameplay of Kapil Dev.  He even took training lessons from the legend himself for the sake of authenticity.

The poster of the character of former Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar, who is also known as the ‘Little Master,’ was revealed by Ranveer Singh on his official Twitter handle.  Tahir Raj Bhasin will play the role of Sunil Gavaskar in ’83.


The poster portrays Tahir Raj Bhasin acing the iconic straight drive posture of Sunil Gavaskar.

Ranveer Singh earlier released the poster of himself as Kapil Dev last year, which showed the actor acing the iconic look of Kapil Dev.




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Hrithik Roshan 46th Birthday – Two Best Films Of The Actor



Hrithik Roshan 46th Birthday,Two Best Films Of Actor Hrithik Roshan,Mango Bollywood,Bollywood Celebrities News 2020,Hrithik Roshan Birthday Special,Hrithik Roshan Birthday Celebrations,Hrithik Roshan Best Films,Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan,Hrithik Roshan Best Movies

Hrithik Roshan is one of the biggest Bollywood actors who has essayed multiple characters in his two decade acting career.  From an innovative international criminal to a quadriplegic magician to a blind man, he has done it all.  The actor has also been named as the World’s Most Handsome Man.  

Hrithik Roshan turns 46 today.  On this occasion let us take a look at  two films in which he acted . 

Two Best Films of Hritik Roshan 

1. Kaho Na Pyaar Hai (2000)

While Hrithik  also performed as a child artist before, he got his first major break as the male protagonist in the film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, which was directed by his father Rakesh Roshan.  The film went on to become a huge commercial success.  Hrithik Roshan essayed a dual role as Rohit and Raj.  The movie follows the story of how Rohit falls in love with Sonia (Ameesha Patel) but is later killed by Sonia’s father when he witnesses Sonia’s father killing the Police Commissioner for finding out about his illegal activities.  A heartbroken Sonia goes to Australia where she meets Raj who is a doppelganger of Rohit. The rest of the story is about how Raj finally exposes Sonia’s father and ends up with Sonia. The movie was such a huge hit that it went on to win 92 awards in numerous ceremonies and categories.  This was a record that was inducted into the Guinness Book Of World Records 2002. Hrithik also won the awards for The Best Actor and The Best Debut Actor at the Filmfare Awards. 

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Hrithik played the role of Arjun, a financial broker  who is a workaholic. The movie is about three friends Kabir (Abhay Deol,) Imran (Farhan Akhtar) and Arjun who take a three week road trip in Spain due to a long standing pact.  Hrithik was spot on in essaying the role of an uptight financial broker who is reluctant to put his work aside during the road trip. The rest of the film is about how Arjun slowly lets his guard down and begins to enjoy life and in the process renews his friendships with Imran and Kabir.   Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara became a huge hit and went on to become a cult classic.

Hrithik Roshan has had a strong year in 2019 with the film War, which broke box office records for collections and was the highest grossing film of 2019.  The handsome actor no doubt has many more films to offer and is currently working on Krissh 4. 

Here’s wishing the handsome actor Hrithik Roshan a very happy birthday!





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Farhan Akhtar 46th Birthday – Best Films Of The Actor



Farhan Akhtar 46th Birthday,Best Films Of Actor Farhan Akhtar,Mango Bollywood,Bollywood Celebs Latest News 2020,Happy Birthday Farhan Akhtar,Farhan Akhtar Best Movies,Farhan Akhtar Birthday Celebrations,Farhan Akhtar Birthday Spcial,Farhan Akhtar Upcoming Movies

Farhan Akhtar is an eminent Bollywood celebrity who is the perfect jack of all trades.  He is an actor, a singer, a director and a producer. He made his mark in all these professions and won national awards for the films he directed, produced and in which he acted.  He also made films and acted in films which went on to become cult classics in Indian cinema, like Dil Chahta Hai, Lakshya, Rock On!! and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

As Farhan Akhtar turns 46 today, let us have a look at some of the best films in which he acted.

1. Rock On!! (2008)

Farhan made his acting debut with this movie which went on to become one of the major hits of that year.  Farhan Akhtar played the role of a singer in a band. The movie is the story of the band, Magik, which aims to get an album contract with Channel V.  The movie shows how the band members do get the contract, but later become disgruntled with each other and part ways.  Years later, the band members, who have now settled in other professions, end up reuniting and enter another contest hosted by Channel V.  The movie went on to win multiple awards and Farhan Akhtar also lent his voice for five of the film’s songs.  The songs Rock On!!, Socha Hai and Pichle Saat Dinon Mein became a must have on every Indian playlist.

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a feel good film about three friends, played by Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar.  The story is about how the three friends reunite after a long time and go to Spain for a three week road trip.  The movie shows how the three friends resolve their past disagreements, confront their worst fears and end up coming out stronger together.  The film was a massive hit, attained a cult status and went on to bag multiple awards. Farhan Akhtar also lent his voice in the fim for the song Senorita and the recitation of the poem Toh Zinda Ho Tum.

3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a biopic about Milkha Singh, India’s best track and field athlete, who is known as ‘The Flying Sikh.’  Farhan Akhtar donned the role of the lead as Milkha Singh. The film showed the life of Milkha Singh from how he was displaced during the Partition of India, how he subsequently joined the Indian Army, picked up the track and field sport and went on to win accolades for the Nation.  Farhan’s dedication to the role and the effort he put in to look and resemble Milkha Singh won him widespread praise and he went on to win the Filmfare Award for Best Actor.

4. The Sky Is Pink (2019)

Farhan Akhtar’s most recent movie was The Sky In Pink, a biographical drama about a couple whose daughter has severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID.)  The movie is narrated from the perspective of the daughter and shows the love story of her parents over twenty five years.  Farhan Akhtar played the role of the father and Priyanka Chopra played the role of the mother. The film received critical acclaim and won a standing ovation from the audience post its screening at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

Farhan Akhtar is currently producing a sports drama, Toofan, which is about a national level boxer.  Farhan Akhtar is learning boxing to essay the lead role as well in this film.  Toofan is slated to release on October 2nd, 2020.

Here’s wishing the multi talented personality, Farhan Akhtar, a very happy birthday.



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Irrfan Khan 53rd Birthday – Angrezi Medium First Look Unveiled



Irrfan Khan 53rd Birthday,Angrezi Medium First Look Unveiled,Mango Bollywood,Latest Bollywood Movie News 2020,Angrezi Medium First Look,Irrfan Khan Angrezi Medium First Look,Irrfan Khan New Look,Irrfan Khan 53rd Birthday Celebrations,Angrezi Medium Movie Updates

Irrfan Khan is a notable actor who is highly regarded for his acting skills and has acted in both Bollywood and Hollywood films.  The versatile actor turns 53 years old today and has many critically acclaimed performances to his name.

Some of his well known films include Salaam Bombay!, Haasil, Life In A… Metro, Slumdog Millionaire, Paan Singh Tomar, for which he won a National Film Award for Best Actor, The Lunchbox and Hindi Medium.

Recently, the actor successfully battled cancer and took a break from acting.  He is all set to return to the silver screen with his next film, Angrezi Medium.  After the success of Hindi Medium, the makers said there is a scope for a sequelHowever, Angrezi Medium is not a sequel but instead a spin off of Hindi Medium

The production company behind the movie, Maddock Films, released the first look of Irrfan Khan from Angrezi Medium on social media platform Instagram while wishing the actor a happy birthday.  The post read, “#happybirthday to one of our finest @irrfan. As his birthday treat to all of you we will be giving you #AngreziMedium in March 2020. This isn’t the cherry on the top,it’s the cherry, the icing, the entire cake😊!! Love n Light (sic.)”


Angrezi Medium is set to be released on March 20th, 2020.

Here’s wishing one of India’s best actors, Irrfan Khan, a very happy birthday and a long life ahead.


Read abour Irrfan Khan’s best films here: Irrfan Khan’s Birthday – Looking At The Actor’s Best Performances


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