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Bollywood Films Which Give Us True Patriotic Feels



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Films are powerful. They are real and have the advantage of visually making us feel things you never thought you could. When it comes to films with social messages, movies convey a stronger message. Here is a list of films which bring out a true sense of patriotism in us viewers!

1. Border 

J.P. Dutta is a true genius. With Border, he managed to bring out everything that went on during the Longhewella Battle of 1971. A tribute to our country’s brave soldiers, Border was raw and real, stirring emotions we never thought a film could!

2. Chak De India 

Perhaps one of the most prolific sports film made in India, Chah De India makes us feel pride and love for everything we as Indians have struggled to fight for India!

3. Lagaan

For some unexplained reason, sports and patriotism have always gone hand in hand. There is something to be said about the feeling brought out by all the people involved working towards a singular cause. Charting the journey of villagers playing a game of cricket to gain independence from the British, the film is sentimental and patriotic, to say the least!

4. Shaheed

Writer actor Manoj Kumar ghost directed this brilliantly made biopic on the life of Bhagat Singh! With a sensitively told story and songs that became cult factor, Shaheed won the Presidential Award for being a true patriotic film.

5. Airlift 

Recreating the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, Rakeysh Omprakash’s Airlift is the next on this list of well made patriotic films. The movie talks about how 1 lakh, 70 thousand Indians were airlifted out of a war ridden place, marking one of the largest air lifts evacuations by the Indian air force!

India as a country is great, with more than one person fighting to retain its freedom. If you think we missed out on any patriotic films, comment and let us know!



Bollywood Celebrities Who Started Off As Child Actors



Bollywood Celebrities Who Started Off As Child Actors,Mango Bollywood,Bollywood Celebs Latest News,Bollywood Latest Movies,Bollywood Child Actors,Bollywood Celebrities Child Actors,Bollywood Child Celebrities,Child Artist of Bollywood,Who Started Child Actors in Bollywood

From Shahid Kapoor to Hrithik Roshan, a large number of our favourite Bollywood stars entered the world of acting when they were children.  Check out the list of now famous celebrities who worked for what they have now from a very young age:

1. Rekha

The ultimate queen of tragedy and an unparalleled style icon, Rekha started off as an actress at a very young age.  When her family had major financial trouble, she had no choice but to quit school when she was in the 9th grade and enter the world of acting.  Because she lacked Hindi speaking skills, Rekha was mocked during the initial years of her career in Bollywood. However, when she finally bagged the lead role in Sawan Bhadon (1970,) she made everyone take notice of her acting skills.  Today, she is a Bollywood icon and despite all the controversies, people love her no matter what.

2. Neetu Singh

As a child artist, Neetu Singh was perhaps one of the most popular ones in the industry.  Shooting to fame for her brilliant performance in Do Kaliyan, where she played a double role, Neetu left a mark at an extremely young age.  As she grew up, she gained fame for her brilliant performances in movies like Yaarana and Amar Akbar Anthony.  Even today, people love her just as much as they loved her as a child artist.

3. Hrithik Roshan

Did you know, Hrithik Roshan was quite the star even before he made his big Bollywood debut in Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai?  Hrithik’s first acting stint was when he starred in Aasha at the age of 6. That cute kid in the khakee clothes in Aasha was none other than the Greek god with whom we are familiar and love today!

4. Kunal Khemu

Kunal Khemu had quite a unique start to his career.  Starting as a child actor at the age of 10 in movies like Sir, Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, Raja Hindustani and Bhai, Khemu entered the world of cinema. From there on, he went on to do a lot of television shows for quite a while, without Bollywood in sight.  He finally got his break as an actor in Bollywood with Kalyug in 2007 and since then, there has been no stopping this heartthrob.

5. Sanjay Dutt

If you think Sanjay Dutt started his Bollywood career with Rocky at the age of 22, think again.  Ten years before his grand entrance into the world of cinema, Dutt played a small but significant role as a child artist in Reshma Aur Shera.  Who knew that scrawny kid would grow to become the hunk he is today?

6. Imran Khan

Even as a child, Imran Khan was a huge fan of his maternal uncle, Aamir Khan.  With acting in his blood, it comes as no surprise that Imran’s entry into the world of cinema was not in Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, but in Aamir’s Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar! How cute is that?

Who is your favourite child actor? Comment and let us know!


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Anushka Sharma – 5 Best Performances By The Actress



Anushka Sharma - 5 Best Performances By The Actress,Mango Bollywood,5 Awesome Performances of Anushka Sharma,Top 5 performances of Anushka Sharma,Top 5 Brilliant Performances By Anushka Sharma,What is the best movie of Anushka Sharma?,Best Films of Anushka Sharma

When Anushka Sharma, an actress without any connections to the Bollywood world, made a splash opposite Ranveer Singh in Band Baaja Baaraat, she made everyone sit up and take notice.  Every movie in which the vivacious and bubbly Sharma acted after her first one—she made sure she left a lasting impression.  Here is looking at some of the best performances by Anushka Sharma to date:

1. Band Baaja Baaraat


Playing an effervescent and bubbly girl in this rom com, Anushka Sharma shot to fame because she played her true vivacious self on the silver screen.  Despite competing with already established actresses for this role, Sharma did so well, she won an award despite actresses like Deepika Padukone and Kajol also being nominated that year.

2. NH10

While Band Baaja Baaraat showed Anushka Sharma’s bubbly and fun side, NH10 showed how the actress could play a serious role with ease.  Based on the concept of honour killing, this movie showed how versatile an actress Sharma is.  Playing the role of a woman on the hunt of people who killed her husband, Anushka brought out her fierce side really well.  Watch it now, if you haven’t already.

3. PK

Not only was PK the movie in which Anushka Sharma gave one of her best performances, it was also the highest grossing film when it released in 2014.  Standing on the 70th position as of 2018, this movie also had Aamir Khan playing a crucial role. Anushka plays the role of a journalist who, while in the beginning tries to use Aamir Khan’s character for her own good, ends up helping him for real instead.  Telling the story of an alien, played by Aamir Khan, who tries to find his way home from Earth, this film was a satirical take on God, godmen and the various religious beliefs humans have.

4. Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Despite being a highly criticised movie, Anushka Sharma’s brilliant performance was lauded and appreciated.  Not only did she steal Katrina Kaif’s thunder, she also stood her ground with her charm and charisma, despite being paired opposite Shah Rukh Khan!  Borrowing cues from her character in Band Baaja Baaraat, Sharma proved, even with a bad script, she could bring her A game to the table. Showing that love has no limits or boundaries, this movie gave Sharma the chance to shine and sparkle.

5. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

This movie saw Anushka Sharma grow and blossom into a serious actress.  Quite literally owning the screen and the story, Sharma made people both hate and fall in love with her character because of the way she acted.  Anushka’s acting skills in this movie were par excellence. Her character, Alizeh, made people realise the importance of accepting there are different kinds of love in the world and if you feel a particular way about a person, it isn’t necessary they reciprocate the same!

Which Anushka Sharma movie do you like the most? Comment and let us know!



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Bollywood Movies Inspired By International Films



Bollywood Movies Inspired By International Films,Mango Bollywood,Bollywood Movie Updates 2019,Bollywood Remakes Of International Films,Bollywood Remake Movies,Bollywood Films Remake of Hollywood Movies,Bollywood Inspirational Movies,Hindi Movies Inspired By International Films

In recent years, the average audience is craving content oriented films, with a strong message or theme as the driving point.  Realising that people are no longer loving movies with women running around trees and heroes lusting after the tragic actress, directors are now looking across international waters for inspiration.  While there are some movies which lifted scenes entirely from foriegn films, there are other Bollywood movies which have been made so well, they do complete justice to the original. Here is our list of Bollywood movies which managed to shine despite taking inspiration from international movies:

1. Zinda (Oldboy)

Perhaps one of the best remakes of an international film, Zinda was inspired from Park Chan Wok’s superhit film, Oldboy (2003 release.)  While Sanjay Gupta managed to capture the essence of dread and doom perfectly in Zinda, he left out the blood and macabre from the original film.  What makes this movie an extremely interesting watch is the fact Sanjay Dutt played his character so well, it was touted to be one of the best performances of his career.

2. Dhamaal (It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World)

Fun filled and featuring an impressive star cast, Dhamaal is the unofficial remake of the 1963 Hollywood film, It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.  Just like in the original film, Dhamaal also revolves around a group of people going on a wild goose chase for treasure after a dying thief reveals the location of his loot.  Despite being based on the 1963 film, Dhamaal hit home because of the cast and the way the film was shot.  All in all, both the movies make for a great watch!

3. Chachi 420 (Mrs. Doubtfire)

An adaptation of Robin Williams’s Mrs. Doubtfire, Chachi 420 starred Kamal Hassan in the lead roles.  Telling the story of a divorced father dressing up as a nanny just so he could spend time with his daughter, this movie touched home in both the versions.  Done so well, the Bollywood version was a treat to watch.

4. Sarkar (The Godfather)

Sarkar was adapted from The Godfather by Ram Gopal Varma and when it released, it made a lasting mark.  Sarkar saw Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan play father and son on the screen.  Revolving around the life of a mob family based in Maharashtra, this film did complete justice to The Godfather and the characters.

5. 12 Angry Men (Ek Ruka Hua Faisla)

When Sidney Lumet released 12 Angry Men, he set the bar really high for movies based on justice and law.  Revolving around a jury of 12 men who decide the fate of an unnamed defendant, this movie brought to light the internal struggles people go through when taking a decision like this.  When Ek Ruka Hua Faisla released in the form of a stage play, it made you sit up and pay attention.  Did you know, 12 Angry Men released 3 years after a show with the same story aired on the television channel CBS?

If you think we missed out on other great adaptations like these, comment and let us know!


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Films About Women Which Inspire You



Films About Women Which Inspire You,Mango Bollywood,Latest Bollywood Movie Updates,Inspirational Movies for Women,Bollywood Movies About Women,Inspire Films about Women,Best Girl Power Movies,5 Movies about Inspiring Women,Movies About Female Inspiration

Not all Bollywood movies are about a scantily clad woman dancing around trees and desperately angling for the hero’s love. There are some movies with such thoughtfully written characters, they not only entertain you, but also inspire you to be better. Check out the list here:

1. No One Killed Jessica

Based on the horrific murder of a bartender called Jessica Lal in Delhi, No One Killed Jessica revlves around two women, played by Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan. While the film does showcase everything about how women stand together no matter what, it also shows how women change based on their circumstances. Vidya Balan plays the role of a fierce journalist trying to right a wrong by avenging her sister’s death. The message at the end of the film? If you really want to achieve something, your gender shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

2. Mother India

Mother India was the first movie of its kind to showcase women in all their glory. At a time when Bollywood wasn’t interested in showing off a woman’s strength, this movie did just that, especially when it comes to protecting her children. Creating a phenomenon the movie it released, Mother India was also one of the first Bollywood movies in 1977 to make it to the Oscars.

3. Bhumika

The year 1977 was one for great cinema and for stories centered around the lives of women. Telling the tale of a Marathi actress, this film is a collaboration of multiple problems faced by the actress during her career. In the 20th century, this movie was an eye opener and a true testament to the struggles an actress faces in order to be recognised for her craft and not gender. Not surprisingly, we aren’t the only ones who thought so because Bhumika won not one, but two National Awards when it released!

4. Queen

Despite being from the 21st century, some of our traditions and values are still from the 19th century. We refuse to believe women can make their own choices and if they are mistreated, they shouldn’t change their opinion because society asks them to. In Queen, Kangana Ranaut as Rani saw us wanting for more. From the moment she went on her honeymoon alone to the moment she told her fiance she didn’t want to get married after all, this movie was a story of liberation all the way through. It left us feeling liberated from years of pressure and societal obligations, making us realise that if we really want to, we can give women all the power they need to live life on their own terms.

5. NH10

What makes this movie stand out so much is, not only did Anushka Sharma produce this film, she also starred in it and wrote the script. On a path to revenge, Anushka Sharma’s character fought and killed the family of the man who murdered her husband. Showing how far a woman when it comes to avenging what went wrong, this movie is an ode to the strength and willpower of women.


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Bollywood’s Desirable Divas Of 2018 According To Times



Bollywood Desirable Divas Of 2018 According To Times,Mango Bollywood,Bollywood Celebs Latest News,Bollywood Desirable Divas Of 2018,Times Most Desirable Woman of 2018,India's Most Desirable Divas 2018,Most Desirable Woman 2018,Miss Diva Universe 2018,Bollywood Desirable Woman 2018

After a long wait, The  Times of India’s Most Desirable Divas of 2018 list was announced. The list was announced based on a voting system and according to a decision made by an internal jury. While most would have thought Deepika Padukone would have made it to the top of this list, the voters said otherwise. Though Time’s released the names of 50 desirable divas, we bring to you the top seven! Check out the list here:

1. Alia Bhatt

Ranking number one on the list, Alia Bhatt did not made heads turn with her first movie, Student of the Year. However, through the years, the lady impressed everyone around her and changed all the  naysayers to yaysayers. In fact, in movies like Udta Punjab, Highway and Raazi, the actress quite literally stole the spotlight. Which is why it comes as no surprise that she came first on this list!

2. Meenakshi Chaudhary

When Meenakshi Choudhary won the title of Miss Grand International – 1st Runner Up, she made everyone sit up and take notice. Apart from being seen in several pageants, Chaudhary is also a popular figure on the covers of magazines. Her smile and style factor makes her stand out like no other!

3. Katrina Kaif

Standing  at number three, Katrina Kaif has had quite a great 2018. While her films like Thugs of Hindostan and Zero didn’t make that great a splash at the box office, Kaif still made her presence felt. Kaif won the third position because of her killer looks and sizzling dance steps, making everyone to fall in love with her.

4. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone’s acting skills and grace is loved not just by fans, but fellow actors as well. In fact, the other actors love her so much, Hema Malini passed on the title of Dream Girl to Deepika! Just like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone also had quite a brilliant 2018. Not only did her film Padmavaat do exceptionally well, she also tied the knot with long time boyfriend, Ranveer Singh.

5. Gayatri Bhardwaj

When Gayatri Bhardwaj was crowned fbb Colors Femina Miss India United Continents 2018, she made everyone take notice. With her expressive eyes and sparkling personality, Gayatri  started carving a niche for herself in the industry. Did you know this beauty is also a football player?

6. Aditi Rao Hydari

When Aditi Rao Hydari made her presence felt with a small but meaningful role in Padmaavat, she made a lot of heads turn. This particular actress has had quite a lucky streak in Bollywood. She has been doing so well that quite quickly, she  made a strong mark in the industry. In fact, she earned a spot on this list not once, but two years in a row!

7. Neha Chudasama

When Nehal Chudasama won the Miss Diva Universe 2018 title, she knew she had a place in everyone’s heart. Not only is she an anchor, model and fitness consultant, she also represented India at the 67th Miss Universe contest.
Who is your favourite from the list? Comment and let us know!


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