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Rishi Kapoor And Neetu Singh, A Mesmerising Love Story



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Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh (now Kapoor) were perhaps one of the most enigmatic couples both on and off screen. While theirs was not a story that began with love at first sight, it was one which blossomed over the years, slowly and steadily. One of them was Bollywood’s ultimate Chocolate Boy while the other was one of the most sought after heroines during the initial stages of their romance.

The Beginning 

At a time and age when dating was frowned upon, Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor made sure they broke tradition and barriers. When they first started dating, Rishi Kapoor was already an established actor, while Neetu Singh was a 14 year old, charming her way into a cut throat and blossoming industry. True to his style, Rishi Kapoor was the ultimate prankster and when he and Neetu came together for their first film (Zahreela Insaan, 1974,) Rishi would torment the living daylights out of her. Despite Neetu’s multiple protests, the young actress could not help but fall in love with this flamboyant casanova. The moment of realisation came to the two when Rishi Kapoor was abroad for a shoot. Within a matter of two to three days, Rishi realised his love for Neetu and sent her a telegram. The telegram read ‘Ye Sikhni badi yaad aati hai.‘ Neetu, who had so far acted as his confidante, could not hide her happiness anymore.

Troubled Waters 

The telegram proved more a foe to young Neetu than the friend she wanted it to be. Neetu’s mother was not entirely happy with the situation, considering the fact Neetu was only 14 and still starting out as an actress. To make matters worse, although Rishi had declared his love for her, he had no intentions of getting married to the young Neetu. Did you know that back in the day, the two were never allowed to go on dates alone? They were allowed to date only if there was a chaperone present!

Things Turn Serious 

Things turned serious for the love birds when the family got involved. In a hush hush ceremony (at another friend’s engagement) and with borrowed rings, the young couple was forced to make their love official. What made Neetu so confident with her knight in shining armour was how easily he enveloped Neetu’s mother into their lives, going so far as to invite her to stay even with them!

More than three decades later, this power couple is still going solid and strong, despite all the ups and downs they have gone through. Giving everyone major goals, Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor are definitely the ultimate power couple, right?



Anushka Sharma – 5 Best Performances By The Actress



Anushka Sharma - 5 Best Performances By The Actress,Mango Bollywood,5 Awesome Performances of Anushka Sharma,Top 5 performances of Anushka Sharma,Top 5 Brilliant Performances By Anushka Sharma,What is the best movie of Anushka Sharma?,Best Films of Anushka Sharma

When Anushka Sharma, an actress without any connections to the Bollywood world, made a splash opposite Ranveer Singh in Band Baaja Baaraat, she made everyone sit up and take notice.  Every movie in which the vivacious and bubbly Sharma acted after her first one—she made sure she left a lasting impression.  Here is looking at some of the best performances by Anushka Sharma to date:

1. Band Baaja Baaraat


Playing an effervescent and bubbly girl in this rom com, Anushka Sharma shot to fame because she played her true vivacious self on the silver screen.  Despite competing with already established actresses for this role, Sharma did so well, she won an award despite actresses like Deepika Padukone and Kajol also being nominated that year.

2. NH10

While Band Baaja Baaraat showed Anushka Sharma’s bubbly and fun side, NH10 showed how the actress could play a serious role with ease.  Based on the concept of honour killing, this movie showed how versatile an actress Sharma is.  Playing the role of a woman on the hunt of people who killed her husband, Anushka brought out her fierce side really well.  Watch it now, if you haven’t already.

3. PK

Not only was PK the movie in which Anushka Sharma gave one of her best performances, it was also the highest grossing film when it released in 2014.  Standing on the 70th position as of 2018, this movie also had Aamir Khan playing a crucial role. Anushka plays the role of a journalist who, while in the beginning tries to use Aamir Khan’s character for her own good, ends up helping him for real instead.  Telling the story of an alien, played by Aamir Khan, who tries to find his way home from Earth, this film was a satirical take on God, godmen and the various religious beliefs humans have.

4. Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Despite being a highly criticised movie, Anushka Sharma’s brilliant performance was lauded and appreciated.  Not only did she steal Katrina Kaif’s thunder, she also stood her ground with her charm and charisma, despite being paired opposite Shah Rukh Khan!  Borrowing cues from her character in Band Baaja Baaraat, Sharma proved, even with a bad script, she could bring her A game to the table. Showing that love has no limits or boundaries, this movie gave Sharma the chance to shine and sparkle.

5. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

This movie saw Anushka Sharma grow and blossom into a serious actress.  Quite literally owning the screen and the story, Sharma made people both hate and fall in love with her character because of the way she acted.  Anushka’s acting skills in this movie were par excellence. Her character, Alizeh, made people realise the importance of accepting there are different kinds of love in the world and if you feel a particular way about a person, it isn’t necessary they reciprocate the same!

Which Anushka Sharma movie do you like the most? Comment and let us know!



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Sunil Dutt’s Birth Anniversary: Remembering His Life And Iconic Performances



Sunil Dutt Birth Anniversary,Sunil Dutt Remembering His Life And Iconic Performances,Mango Bollywood,Bollywood Celebs Latest News,Sunil Dutt Iconic Performances,Sunil Dutt Birthday Special,Sunil Dutt Best Performances,Best Roles of Sunil Dutt

Born as Balraj Dutt on 6th June 1929, Sunil Dutt is an Indian actor, producer, director and politician.  Sunil Dutt is among the few personalities who is remembered for his humility, hard work as an actor and as a politician.  

Dutt started his career at Radio Ceylon, the oldest South Asian Radio station and became hugely popular for it.  He then moved on to acting and made his silver screen debut with the film Railway Platform(1955.)   Dutt rose to stardom with the film Mother India in 1957.  This film also marked a personal milestone for him as it was during the course of this film that Sunil Dutt met his wife Nargis.  Father to Sanjay Dutt, Namratha Dutt and Priyanka Dutt, Sunil Dutt won several hearts with his silver screen performances.

Not only as an actor, but also as a politician he won the hearts of many people.  He was elected to the Parliament of India 5 times, from Mumbai, North West constituency.  For his priceless contribution to the film industry and the Country, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri in 1968.

On the occasion of his 91st birth anniversary,  let us take a look at some of Sunil Dutt’s most iconic performances.

1) Mother India

Mother India which released in 1957, changed Dutt’s life both personally and professionally.  In the Mehboob Khan directed movie, Sunil played the role of Birju a violent son of Nargis who ends up as a thief and is  killed by his mother. Dutt’s performance in this film received widespread appreciation from audience throughout the country.  Mother India was India’s first submission to the Oscars for the Foreign Language category.

2) Mujhe Jeene Do

Mujhe Jeene Do directed by Moni Bhattacharjee is a dacoit drama which was released in 1963.  Dutt’s topnotch portrayal of a dacoit with golden heart was widely appreciated.  This film stood among the biggest blockbusters of that year.

3) Khandan

Khandan (1965) is another film which can be counted for Sunil Dutt’s iconic performances.   Khandan featured Dutt playing a man with a crooked hand. This film ranked among the highest grossing films of that year.

4) Yaadein

Sunil Dutt who played the lead role in Yaadein (1964), also directed and produced the film.  This film had a single character for the most part and was a brave experiment by the actor.  It won the National Award for the Best Feature film in Hindi.

5) Padosan

Directed by Jyothi Swaroop, Padosan (1967) is considered to be an all time classic film in Bollywood.  The movie is famous for its well timed comedy and Dutt’s portrayal of Bhola, a serious composer, was widely appreciated.  Also, who would not remember the famous song Ek Chatur Naar?

Besides being a natural actor, Dutt was famous for his humanity and idealism.  Dutt won hearts of people throughout the country for the gentleman that he was.  While he was serving as the minister of Youth and Sports, Sunil Dutt died of a heart attack on 25th May 2005 at his residence in Mumbai.

Comment below and let us know which one of these is your favourite performance of Sunil Dutt.



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Films About Women Which Inspire You



Films About Women Which Inspire You,Mango Bollywood,Latest Bollywood Movie Updates,Inspirational Movies for Women,Bollywood Movies About Women,Inspire Films about Women,Best Girl Power Movies,5 Movies about Inspiring Women,Movies About Female Inspiration

Not all Bollywood movies are about a scantily clad woman dancing around trees and desperately angling for the hero’s love. There are some movies with such thoughtfully written characters, they not only entertain you, but also inspire you to be better. Check out the list here:

1. No One Killed Jessica

Based on the horrific murder of a bartender called Jessica Lal in Delhi, No One Killed Jessica revlves around two women, played by Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan. While the film does showcase everything about how women stand together no matter what, it also shows how women change based on their circumstances. Vidya Balan plays the role of a fierce journalist trying to right a wrong by avenging her sister’s death. The message at the end of the film? If you really want to achieve something, your gender shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

2. Mother India

Mother India was the first movie of its kind to showcase women in all their glory. At a time when Bollywood wasn’t interested in showing off a woman’s strength, this movie did just that, especially when it comes to protecting her children. Creating a phenomenon the movie it released, Mother India was also one of the first Bollywood movies in 1977 to make it to the Oscars.

3. Bhumika

The year 1977 was one for great cinema and for stories centered around the lives of women. Telling the tale of a Marathi actress, this film is a collaboration of multiple problems faced by the actress during her career. In the 20th century, this movie was an eye opener and a true testament to the struggles an actress faces in order to be recognised for her craft and not gender. Not surprisingly, we aren’t the only ones who thought so because Bhumika won not one, but two National Awards when it released!

4. Queen

Despite being from the 21st century, some of our traditions and values are still from the 19th century. We refuse to believe women can make their own choices and if they are mistreated, they shouldn’t change their opinion because society asks them to. In Queen, Kangana Ranaut as Rani saw us wanting for more. From the moment she went on her honeymoon alone to the moment she told her fiance she didn’t want to get married after all, this movie was a story of liberation all the way through. It left us feeling liberated from years of pressure and societal obligations, making us realise that if we really want to, we can give women all the power they need to live life on their own terms.

5. NH10

What makes this movie stand out so much is, not only did Anushka Sharma produce this film, she also starred in it and wrote the script. On a path to revenge, Anushka Sharma’s character fought and killed the family of the man who murdered her husband. Showing how far a woman when it comes to avenging what went wrong, this movie is an ode to the strength and willpower of women.


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Karan Johar’s Birthday– Tracing The Man’s Journey



Karan Johar Birthday,Mango Bollywood,Bollywood Celebs Latest News,#HappyBirthdayKaranJohar,Karan Johar Special Birthday,Karan Johar Journey,Karan Johar Success Journey,Karan Johar Story,Karan Johar Birthday Celebrations,Karan Johar Most Memorable Movies of Bollywood,Bollywood Starmaker KJo Birthday

Karan Johar or KJo, as he is often referred, is undoubtedly one among the most influential people in Btown. KJo who started of as a filmmaker in the year 1998, made some of the most memorable movies of  Bollywood. From acting, directing, screenwriting, producing to hosting award functions a

nd TV shows there is nothing this man has not tried. On the occasion of his 47th birthday, here we are tracing down his journey.

KJo- The Film maker

Though famous for his controversial talk shows and unapologetic behaviour, KJo is a  filmmaker and we must accept that he is pretty good at it. Karan made his directorial debut with the blockbuster Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998,) for which he received the  Filmfare Award, for the Best Director and the Best Screenplay. He followed it up with Kabhie Kushi Kabhi Gham (2001) and Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna (2006) which also received many  Filmfare and National awards. My Name Is Khan, Student Of The Year, Bombay Talkies and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil are the other films he directed.  Karan Johar also made his digital debut in 2018 with Lust Stories and his  passion project Takht, is all set to hit the sets this year.

KJo- The Producer

KJo took over Dharma Productions in the year 2004 after the death of his father and has ever since produced and distributed many films. Through his production banner he launched several actors and his  Midas touch made them stars. Alia Bhatt (Student Of The Year), Varun Dhawan (Student Of The Year), Siddarth Malhotra (Student Of The Year), Jahnvi Kapoor (Dhadak) are some of them. Johar is the starmaker of  Bollywood and Alia Bhatt calls him her adopted father. However, the two recent films from this banner, Kalank and Student Of The Year 2 received criticism from audience throughout the country for their lack of good content.  

KJo- The Host

KJo hosts Koffee with Karan and is constantly in the news for it. This show started of with an intention to give the audience an insight into the personal lives of their favourite celebrities but, slowly became the most controversial talk show. KWK, witnessed several controversies, the most recent one being the Hardik Pandya episode, where Pandya made disparaging  comments about women .

Karan Johar also hosts several award functions and he also  serves as a judge on some reality shows.

From the start of his career, Karan Johar has seen a lot of ups and downs. From being called the Godfather of Nepotism, to people making some abusive comments about his personal life, he has faced it all and only emerged stronger each time. As this Bollywood starmaker turns 47 today,  here is wishing him a very Happy Birthday and a long life ahead.


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Alia Bhatt’s Best Performances To Date



Alia Bhatt’s Best Performances To Date, Best movies of Alia Bhatt, Outstanding Film Performances by Alia Bhatt, Mango Bollywood, career defining performances by Alia Bhatt, Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Latest News, Heroine Alia Bhatt Upcoming Film News, Alia Bhatt Film Journey

When Alia Bhatt made her first faux pass on the show Koffee With Karan, many thought this particular star kid wouldn’t last for a long time. However, the then one movie old actress learnt to not only laugh at herself, but made sure people started taking notice of her because of her movies, not because of her blunders on national television. Here is taking a look at some of the truly brilliant performances given by this extremely talented actress!

1. Student of the Year 

Alia Bhatt’s Best Performances To Date, Best movies of Alia Bhatt, Outstanding Film Performances by Alia Bhatt, Mango Bollywood, career defining performances by Alia Bhatt, Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Latest News, Heroine Alia Bhatt Upcoming Film News, Alia Bhatt Film Journey

To talk about Alia Bhatt’s best performances and not have Student of the Year on the list is quite a bold dismissal. Making her debut as the rich brat, Shanaya, Alia made sure she more than made her presence felt. With a confidence not many possess in their first movie, Alia certainly proved she was a great actress in the making with Student of the Year!

2. Highway 

Alia Bhatt’s Best Performances To Date, Best movies of Alia Bhatt, Outstanding Film Performances by Alia Bhatt, Mango Bollywood, career defining performances by Alia Bhatt, Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Latest News, Heroine Alia Bhatt Upcoming Film News, Alia Bhatt Film Journey

While Highway maybe a couple of years after Student of the Year, this movie proved how much Alia could achieve if she had a great director showing her the ropes. Transforming from a ditsy newbie to a strong individual, Highway was quite definitely her ticket to fame in the world of Bollywood. From the moment this particular movie hit the screens, everyone knew they had a brand new star in their midst and why not? Playing the role of a girl who sympathises with her kidnapper and shows the world just how strong she is on her own, Alia blew the roof with her brilliant acting. Not bad for a mark maker at all!

3. 2 States

Alia Bhatt’s Best Performances To Date, Best movies of Alia Bhatt, Outstanding Film Performances by Alia Bhatt, Mango Bollywood, career defining performances by Alia Bhatt, Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Latest News, Heroine Alia Bhatt Upcoming Film News, Alia Bhatt Film Journey

When it comes to doing a movie like 2 States, it is hard to picture someone like Alia Bhatt fitting into the lead role. A girl from Chennai, without any over the top glamour, falling for a boy from Punjab. Who would have thought Alia could have done justice to the role? In fact, many would have thought a character reversal was definitely in the works for this particular movie. However, just like with her other movies, Alia proved otherwise. Playing the role of Ananya, a girl who in every way wants to do what she believes is right, Alia made a lasting impression and won over even the coldest of hearts. Furthermore, she proved with 2 States that she was never going to be pigeonholed into playing only a certain role!

4. Udta Punjab 

Alia Bhatt’s Best Performances To Date, Best movies of Alia Bhatt, Outstanding Film Performances by Alia Bhatt, Mango Bollywood, career defining performances by Alia Bhatt, Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Latest News, Heroine Alia Bhatt Upcoming Film News, Alia Bhatt Film Journey

When Udta Punjab started doing the media rounds, it took people a certain amount of time to come to terms with the fact that the main lead was played by Alia. Completely letting go off her glamorous look, Alia Bhatt dug deep into the Punjabi girl she was playing and boy, did she work her character well! Fierce like never before and paying attention to every detail, Alia Bhatt more than proved her salt as an actress who was here to stay. From playing the victim, to pushing everything away and owning her confidence, Alia rose to show the world she was going to rule the Bollywood roost.

5. Dear Zindagi

Alia Bhatt’s Best Performances To Date, Best movies of Alia Bhatt, Outstanding Film Performances by Alia Bhatt, Mango Bollywood, career defining performances by Alia Bhatt, Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Latest News, Heroine Alia Bhatt Upcoming Film News, Alia Bhatt Film Journey

Unlike the above mentioned films, Dear Zindagi saw a different side of Alia. Playing the role of a confused and vulnerable daughter, Alia showed everyone that in order to know who you are, you have to start accepting everything about yourself. Playing a part glamorous and a part simple character, Alia was quite a treat to watch in this particular movie.

6. Raazi 

Alia Bhatt’s Best Performances To Date, Best movies of Alia Bhatt, Outstanding Film Performances by Alia Bhatt, Mango Bollywood, career defining performances by Alia Bhatt, Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Latest News, Heroine Alia Bhatt Upcoming Film News, Alia Bhatt Film Journey

Another movie which brought out the finesse in Alia’s acting skills was Raazi. From the way she proved herself in a new house, to protecting her home from a life threatening war and to coming to terms with the fact that even her life was dispensable, Alia’s role in this movie was commendable. Despite everyone else doing a really great job with their characters, it was Alia who stood tall and strong in this movie.

As the actress turned a year older a couple of days ago, it is fitting to say that not only has she grown in age, she has also grown as an actress. Someone once said, for an actress like Alia to blossom, she needs a good director guiding her forward. If these movies are anything to go by, then that fact is certainly true! What is your favourite Alia Bhatt movie? Comment and let us know!


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