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Priyanka Chopra Unknown Facts



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Priyanka Chopra, also known as PeeCee, made her mark not only on Bollywood but also in Hollywood. While we do know about her life, there are quite a few things you may not know. Here are a few rare and unknown facts about Priyanka Chopra.

1. Diets Do Not Work For Her 

Priyanka may have a body we all want.But did you know the actress believes in working hard to keep her frame rather than living on a strict diet? She believes in exercise first and then diets if nothing works. Pizza over posture any day!

2. Holi Was Not So Holy For Her 

During the shooting of her movie, Waqt: The Race Against Time. Priyanka Chopra stepped on a live wire and had to be hospitalised. Holi was not so Holy for her clearly!

3. Acting Was Not Her First Choice 

PeeCee did not want to become an actress ever. In fact, her first career choice was engineering. however, after she became Miss World at the age of 18 she knew her goal changed.

4. Daleh Mehdi And Her Go Way Back 

You will not believe this but Priyanka Chopra actually featured in a song by Daler Mehndi called Sajan Mere Satrangiya at the age of 17. This was right after she had bagged the Miss World award and much before she entered Bollywood. Do you refuse to believe us? Cheggit for yourselves!

5. From Geek To Chic 

Did you know that PeeCee did not always have this amazing body? She was a gawky teenager who blossomed into a brilliant bud at once puberty hit. Quite the tale of an ugly duckling to a princess, this one!

6. Her First Movie 

PeeCee’s first movie was not a Bollywood movie. Drumrolls, please because she made her first big on screen appearance in a Tamil movie. Most people think Priyanka made her acting debut with the film The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy, but it’s actually a Tamil film called Thamizhan in 2002.




Kangana Ranaut: Happy Birthday Through Five Iconic Roles



Remembering Five Iconic Kangana Ranaut Roles On Her Birthday,Mango Bollywood,Latest Bollywood News Updates,Upcoming Bollywood Movies,5 Iconic Kangana Ranaut Roles On Her Birthday,Happy Birthday Kangana Ranaut,kangana ranaut birthday celebration with her iconic roles Birthday Special,5 characters that the versatile actor Kangana Ranaut made her own

Kangana Ranaut’s movies are always the right blend of strength, emotion and Bollywood drama. We love her no matter what role she plays. On her birthday, however, as she turns a year older and wiser, we take a look at five of her best movies which make her the undisputed Queen of Bollywood Today.

1. Fashion 

Known for breaking stereotypes, this Madhur Bhandarkar movie proved beyond doubt that Kangana can play any role she wants. With extreme ease, I might add. Addled with drugs, alcohol and all forms of substance abuse, Kangana won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress when she portrayed the role of a troubled supermodel in this movie.

2. Tanu Weds Manu 2 

The role of the brash, loud mouthed Tanu in this movie seemed to be written to describe Kangana’s character. Even though she messed up quite a lot throughout the movie, she won everyone over with her endearing nature and affectionate behaviour.

3. Once Upon A Time Mumbaii

Although her role in this movie was not a big one, Kangana impressed us all by playing the stunning Bollywood actress Rehana who was also the love interest of one of Mumbai’s most powerful and respected underworld criminal, Sultan Mirza.

4. Queen

Queen is perhaps Kangana’s most critically acclaimed movie to date. Playing the role of a small time girl, Rani, Kangana shows us love is not the end of everything nor is it the beginning of a happily ever after. A coming of age movie, Queen proves to us that life is about learning to be alone and then learning to be with another.

5. Life In A Metro 

Although this movie consisted of an ensemble cast, Kangana’s roles stood out the most. She plays the role of a secretary who is wronged by her married boss and the way she pulls of her role, one could only watch her performance in silent awe.

Kangana Ranaut has proved to us time and again that just because our life is riddled with controversies, performance needs to take a back seat. We, at mango Bollywood, like to wish her a very Happy Birthday and hope she has all she wants from life!


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102 Not Out First Look Out And It Is All Things Quirky!



102 Not Out First Look Out And It Is All Things Quirky,Mango Bollywood,Latest Bollywood News Updates,Upcoming Bollywood Movies,First Look Of 102 Not Out,#102NotOut,102 Not Out Movie First Look,102 Not Out Movie Updates,102 Not Out Movie Latest News,#TreeTopEntertainment

102 Not Out, the much awaited movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor, just dropped and it looks all things exciting.

The movie is going to see Amitabh playing the role of the 102 year old father, while Rishi Kapoor plays the role of the 75 year old son! Check out the poster here.

Based on a Gujarati play written by Saumya Joshi, 102 Not Out will also see Amitabh Bachchan sing a rap song for the very first time! Directed by Umesh Shukla, this movie is scheduled to hit the screens on 4 May, 2018.


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10 best Bollywood songs remakes.



10 best Bollywood songs remakes,Mango Bollywood,Latest Bollywood News Updates,Upcoming Bollywood Movies,Awesome Bollywood Song Remakes,Best bollywood remake songs of 2017,Ten Best Bollywood Songs Remakes,Superhit Bollywood songs remakes

Although, Bollywood movies have been trying to add originality to their content, they still try to revisit the classical hits of days gone by. These old songs have a certain charm that keeps us listening to them time and again. Today, they have been remade to entertain the choices of the younger generation.

Here are the top 10 best Bollywood songs remakes.

1. Tamma Tamma again

2. Humma Humma

3. Tu Cheez Badi Hai

4. Laila Main Laila

5. Tan Tana Tan

6. Dheere Dheere Se

7. Hawa Hawai

8. Maine Tujhko Dekha

9. Aate Jaate

10. O Meri Mehebooba

So, guys these are the top 10 remakes of our old classic songs. Do comment and let us know what are your favourite songs.




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