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Bollywood Actresses Real Ages Revealed!



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Age is just a number they say. But is it, really? How old were you when you made your first big hit? Our actresses have worked hard to get to where they are and Today, we take a look at the different actresses and how old they are!

1. Kangana Ranaut

Did you know the Queen of controversies is just 31 years old?! Yeah! You read it right! This smart beauty was born on 23 March, 1987!

2. Taapsee Pannu 

Next on the list of young beauties is Taapsee Pannu. This particular actress is just 30 years old! She was born on 1 August, 1987!

3. Sonam Kapoor 

This particular actress is known for more than just being beautifully talented on screen. She has an enviable fashion sense which sets her apart. Sonam Kapoor is only 32 years old!

4. Parineeti Chopra 

Any guesses on how old she is? Don’t even try. I got it wrong! She’s all of 29 with the world beneath her wings and dreams to fulfill!

5. Yami Gautami 

This hotty with a body is only 29 years old! In less than three decades, this actress has managed to give people a run for their money with her looks and acting skill.

6. Anushka Sharma 

Trust me, I’m a little jealous of this 29 year old beauty. Not only is she married to the cricket superstar of our country, she’s also one of the most accomplished actresses in the industry.

7. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra also known as PC, is not only famous in the Indian world but is famous throughout the world! This particular actress is only 35 years old!

8. Aditi Rao Hydari 

Aditi Rao Hydari, known for her breathtaking beauty and flawless acting skills, is all of 35 years old! Strange right? I think so!

9. Deepika Padukone

Did you know that Deepika Padukone is only 31 years old? Looking at her, one could never have guessed that this is her real age!






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Pari Teasers Continue To Haunt Us!



Pari Teasers Continue To Haunt Us,Latest Bollywood News,Mango Bollywood,Fourth Teaser for Anushka Sharma Pari,Anushka Sharma Pari Teaser 4,Hindi Movie Pari Teaser 4,Pari Screamer 4 Release,horror movie pari teaser 4, anushka sharma pari screamer 4

The fourth teaser for Anushka Sharma’s Pari just hit the internet and from the looks of the 22 seconds clip, this movie continues to be extremely horrific. The teaser opens with an eerie shot if a half closed door from which Anushka can be seen sitting on top of a balcony’s railing.

The following shots are a parody of sounds and Anushka and are haphazardly brought together with a haunting background and terrifying music. The camera zooms over Anushka and her petrifying white with blood shot eyes turn towards the viewers.

So far, we have been given a very tiny glimpse into what to expect from Pari. With visuals which terrify us and a story line which is very different from the traditional theme Bollywood sticks to, this Anushka Sharma movie promises to be quite a ride. Definitely not a movie for the faint hearted. Watch the fourth teaser here!

Directed by debutant director, Prosit Roy, this movie is going to be Anushka Sharma’s third movie from her production house, Clean Slate Films. Apart from Anushka Sharma, this movie also stars Rajat Kapoor,  Parambrata Chatterjee and Ritabhari Chakraborty and will hit the screens on 2 March, 2018. This Holi, stay safe!


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Rishi Kapoor And Emraan Hashmi To Star In jeethu Joseph’s Hindi Debut



Rishi Kapoor And Emraan Hashmi To Star In jeethu Joseph Hindi Debut,Latest Bollywood News,Mango Bollywood,jeethu Joseph Hindi Debut,Rishi Kapoor And Emraan Hashmi in Jeethu Joseph Film,jeethu joseph next movie after drishyam, Rishi Kapoor And Emraan Hashmi Join For Jeethu Joseph Film,Rishi Kapoor And Emraan Hashmi in Jeethu Joseph First Film,Jeethu Joseph Bollywood Debut Movie

Malayalam director, Jeethu Joseph, known for his superhit Malayalam thriller movie, Drishyam, is all set to make his big Bollywood directorial debut. The director is ready to make his entry into Bollywood with two of the industry’s greatest actors, Rishi Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi!

Touted to be a thriller, this movie has not been given a title yet. Emraan Hashmi said about the movie, “I’m really excited about this one. The film will be a riveting, nail-biting treat for fans of the genre and with Jeethu at the helm of things, I’m confident the film will be a game changer”.

The yet to be titled movie will have elements of two genres, horror and crime mystery. Emraan Hashmi is currently working on his own movie, Cheat India. Rishi Kapoor, on the other hand, is working with Amitabh Bachchan for their next movie, 102 Not Out!

Announcing his Bollywood debut, Jeethu Joseph commented, “Directing a Hindi feature film has been on my mind for some time and I had been waiting for the right story. This crime mystery thriller with elements of horror has excited me tremendously and we have got perfect casting for the two protagonists in the film. I am looking forward to starting the film at the earliest.”


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Guess Who Tabu Blames For Being Single!



Guess Who Tabu Blames For Being Single,Bollywood News,Mango Bollywood,Tabu Blames For Being Single,Tabu Criticize Ajay devgn For Being Single,Tabu Accuse Ajay devgn For Being Single,Think Who Tabu Blames For Being Single,Tabu, Imagine Who Tabu Blames For Being Single

Tabu and Ajay Devgn have known each other for quite a while now. Apart from being co stars, the two are cousins as well! Even though they worked in a lot of movies like Haqeeqat, Thakshak and Vijaypath in the ‘90s, they have not done many movies after. Their last movie together was Golmaal Again. 

The pair has been the best friends for a long time now, but the actress, in a recent interview, says that Ajay is the reason why she is single till today.

Yes, Ajay and I have known each other for 25 years. He was my cousin Sameer Arya’s neighbour and close buddy, a part of my growing up years and that has laid the foundation of our relationship. When I was young, Sameer and Ajay would spy on me, follow me around and threaten to beat up any boys who are caught talking to me. They were the big bullies and if I am single today, it is because of Ajay. I hope he repents and regrets what he did,” Tabu said in a statement.

She might still be single, but the question here is, is she planning on tying the knot soon? About this, Tabu said, “I told him (Ajay) the other day to please find me a boy to marry. But jokes aside, our relationship has grown because we have worked so much with each other. From among the male actors, if there is anyone I can count on, it’s Ajay. He is a like a child and yet so protective. The atmosphere on set when he’s around is stress-free. We share a unique relationship and an unconditional affection.

Tabu and Ajay Devgn have an envious relationship, one that is deep, meaningful and has a lot of layers. While they played mind games against each other in Dhrishyam, it was a refreshing change to see them in a comic role in Golmaal Again! Now, one can only wait to see the next movie they come together for!


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