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Salman Khan To Be Brand Ambassador Of Emami



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Salman Khan is the latest addition to the club of brand ambassadors that Emami has. Along with Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan will endorse three brands that Emami has under its wing.

The three brands under Emami are ‘Emami Healthy & Tasty,’ ‘Emami Best Choice’ and ‘Rasoi.’ These brands by Emami are endorsed by celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Sania Mirza.

Commenting on the development, Aditya Vardhan Agarwal, the director of Emami Group said,“After attaining the leadership position in the Eastern markets, we now have ambitious plans to take our edible oil brands on national platforms. To reach out to the consumer base nationally, what could have been a better idea than to have two heavy-duty stars on board who enjoy a strong pan-India appeal that cuts across with both masses and classes. Salman Khan has a huge fan following which is evident from his slew of box office grossers like Sultan, Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Dabang and more recently Tiger Zinda Hai and we felt that he would be the right fit along with Big B to take our brands to a wider consumer base.

Director Mansi Goenka further gave her approval on Salman Khan becoming a new brand ambassador by saying,”We expect our new campaign with Salman Khan to have huge consumer connect as he promotes our brand in his inimitable style in real life situations. We are also confident that with both Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan on board, it will be equally exciting for our distributors and channel partners to make our presence felt in the national branded edible oil market.” Looks like Salman Khan isn’t just a fan of the masses but also an endorser of one! Stay tuned at this space for more updates as we get them.




Aiyaary Movie Review, Rating And Aiyaary Box Office Collections



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Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Manoj Bajpayee, Rakul Preet, Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah
Director: Neeraj Pandey
mango Bollywood Rating: 2.5/5

The Story 

In theory, director Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary tells us a compelling story. Manoj Bajpayee and Sidharth Malhotra share the perfect mentor and protege relationship. At least for the first half of the movie. The delicate relationship turns sour when the latter goes rogue, creating a furor in the entire system.

The two know each other’s behaviours, mannerisms and characters to a tee. Major Jai Bakshi (Sidharth Malhotra) looks up to Colonel Abhay (Manoj Bajpayee) and has learned the tricks of the trade from him. The young major gets disillusioned after realising the extent of corruption in the country’s defense deals and the involvement of highly placed officials.

Aiyaary, which means the act of espionage, is designed to show a race to the finish between two like minded people. Pandey tries to weave a modern story but fails to make a strong impact. There are strong influences seen in Aiyaary from his past movies, especially Wednesday.

The Positives of Aiyaary 

There are quite a few positives to Aiyaary as a story. Pandey has given a compelling character growth to Manoj Bajpayee’s and Sidharth Malhotra’s characters. The music has been created with care and compassion, taking us through the entire story with the rhythm and the lyrics. As a strong mentor, Colonel Abhay plays his role with just the right kind of strength and vigour.

Malhotra also plays the role of a mentee with seasoned ease. No role is too over the top for this particular actor and all he needs is a director to bring out the best in him. Bajpayee, Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher bring their best game to the table, making the movie even more special.

The Negatives of Aiyaary 

While the strengths are quite strong for this Neeraj Pandey film, the negatives seem to stand out more. As a movie, Aiyaary is sketchily written and not compelling. It tests patience even if you are a fan of the genre. It demands way too much endurance than what is left in you after watching Naseeruddin Shah’s bizarre monologue during the movie.

Malhotra’s character starts off really well but half way through, it looks like he got tired of his role. Like most of the actors in the movie, he too seems to have gotten confused with the script. The characters of Rakul Preet and Pooja Chopra too have been written without much empathy. In fact, at one point, one gets the distinct feeling this is all an elaborate version of CID.

The Overall Performance

All in all, despite not having a strong script, the overall performance of all the individual characters is quite compelling. What could have made the movie stick is a script that hits the mark. Individually though, the actors have delivered their best with what they had.

mango Bollywood Review

At the end of the day, mango Bollywood gives Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary movie a 2.5 on 5 rating. Ideally, there should have been stronger characters and detailed descriptions. However, for Pandey’s worth, this movie seems to have hit just the adequate chords.


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See Shah Rukh Khan Rare And Unseen Pictures Here!



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One does not need to explain why Shah Rukh Khan is called King Khan of Bollywood. A self-made star, SRK has been weaving his magic on the big screen for nearly 30 years. Whoa! That is almost three decades (and many more to come!)

From his first few days of existence to stage performance in college days to some adorable pictures with Gauri, here are some his unseen photographs that will take you down the nostalgia road. Check it out and thank us later!




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Ranbir Kapoor: Things You Did Not Know About This Kapoor



Ranbir Kapoor Things You Did Not Know About This Kapoor,Bollywood News,2018 Latest Bollywood News,Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2018,Mango Bollywood,8 Hidden Things You Did not Know About Ranbir Kapoor, 8 Interesting Facts You Did not Know About Ranbir Kapoor,8 Facts You Did Not Know About Ranbir Kapoor,8 Things You Did Not Know About Ranbir Kapoor,Best Things You Didn't Know About Ranbir Kapoor, Eight Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Ranbir Kapoor,Eight Things You Didn't Know About Ranbir Kapoor,Top Eight Things You Didn't Know About Ranbir Kapoor

Mamma’s Boy or Casonava, Ranbir Kapoor cannot be stereotyped into one bracket. Be it his films, relationships, rumours or the awards he has won, there is a lot we do not know about this particular Kapoor. Today, we take a look at a number of things which have been hidden away and kept in the dark. So read, enjoy and have a blast in getting to know your favourite Kapoor from this generation!

1. The Real Name 

Did you know his real name is not Ranbir Kapoor but Ranbir Raj Kapoor? Yes. He shares his name with his grandfather, the veteran Raj Kapoor!

2. The One And Only 

Ranbir Kapoor is the one and only Kapoor who has not only finished 10th class but graduated from college as well. An educated hotty in real life!

3. Rs. 1,500 A Month! 

While a lot of people stop taking pocket money from their parents once they grow up, Ranbir Kapoor is quite different. He STILL takes Rs. 1,500 a month from his mother. Despite being a grown up. Once a baby, always a baby?

4. For The Love Of Music 

Apart from being a talented actor, Ranbir Kapoor has learnt to play the tabla at a very young age. Quite the talented actor, no?

5. A Watch To Keep Time 

The first thing Ranbir Kapoor bought for himself with his salary was a luxurious watch! An actor needs to learn how to keep time, right?

6. An Avid Reader 

Apart from playing the tabla, wearing luxurious watches and acting, Ranbir Kapoor also likes reading! Surprising, right?

7. Not A Singer

Guess who is tone deaf? None other than the multi talented actor, Ranbir Kapoor! Despite having all these other talents, the one thing this particular Kapoor cannot do is sing. In fact, he has said the words “tone deaf” should be his middle name!

8. A Unique Nick Name 

The Kapoor khandan has the unique habit of giving their family members weird nick names like Chinto, Bebo and Lolo. Ranbir is the only one to have a decent name and that is Baba!



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