I Can You Can Episode 2

It is day 3 of the trek! The participants start their long and beautiful walk towards the first base camp of Mount Everest, which is Namche Bazaar at a height of 11,200 feet. The team led by Milind Soman, the group walks amidst a scenic forest and a river that is truly breath taking.

During their walk, Milin Soman stops at a bridge. The bridge is the team’s first test and works on their team building skills! Milind divides up the team into three people. So far, the non smokers have been motivating the smokers to quit.

Now, its time for the smokers to help the non smokers. The task finishes on a high note and the winners turn out to be the same ones. The task may be over, but the real challenge is the arduous and tough walk ahead.

The team encounters a sudden situation. Paromita is lost! She walked ahead without paying attention to the fact that the rest of the members were not behind her. For the participants, it was a day of extremes. Not only did they have to climb one of the steepest parts of the trek but they also had to face a lot of emotional highs and lows.

The team finally reach Namche Bazaar, a tiny village which is considered to be the gateway to the Himalayas. The second day at the village was meant for acclimatization. While there, the team would also visit a significant sight, the statue of Tensing Norway! The team also got to listen to interesting stories from the last surviving sherpa of the first trek to Mount Everest.

The day for the team ended with messages from their families. A series of surprises await the entire team and one of the major ones? Well, we cannot tell you that just yet, can we? You’ll just have stay tuned and wait for the next episode to know what’s happening in the lives of our favourite climbers! Watch the episodes here if you haven’t already: bit.ly/Viu_ICUCfb. Alternatively, you can also watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/ViuIndia/videos/10159726668375285/.