Jr NTR and Salman Khan : Real Heroes Of Indian Cinema

Film stars manage to get fans, craze and popularity by their uniqueness or style. Very few Stars become true friends excluding the Fan WAR. This is well proven in case of Tollywood Superstar Jr NTR and the BHAI of Bollywood Salman Khan. Currently, both the stars are enjoying the best phase of their career.

Their fan base and charisma

Jr NTR and Salman Khan are having a very strong fan base in their respective industries, which helped them to have support from their Fans during their flop times too! Salman’s craze is same in both mass and class audience. Jr NTR is popularly known for his action films, and has also managed to touch the class audience. Salman Khan’s funny cop role in Dabangg gave him a break after a long dull phase. Similarly, the Success phase of Jr NTR started after playing the cop role Temper.

Their Bonding:

Salman Khan once quoted “Sometimes I wish I could be like you” about Jr NTR, in a special video byte. Salman Khan also said that he is following Jr NTR from the time of Aadi. Jr NTR acted as Salman Khan fan in one of his movie Shakti, which released in 2011.

Their hosting:

Salman Khan and Jr NTR also became popular to television fans with Bigg Boss Reality show. Salman Khan hosted a show called 10 Ka Dum even before Bigg Boss. After Salman’s hosting, the average TRP of Bigg Boss broke the records of earlier TRP ratings achieved by Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan. Jr NTR’s hosting in Bigg Boss Telugu version shattered all the previous records of other TV shows and became the biggest Reality show ever in Telugu. Jr NTR managed to get highest TRP with the very first episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1.

Their Social works:

Even though Salman Khan is popular for his controversial acts, he has also done many social activities either out of his own interest or as a compensation. One of his best works include, starting a clothing brand called “Being Human”, where a portion of his revenue is used to support the under-privileged. Jr NTR too had shown his interest in social works by raising a huge amount for the relief during 2009 floods and HudHud cyclone victims.