Farah Khan To Have A New Face In Her Next Venture?

That Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan are best friends is not news. Shah Rukh Khan has played the lead in all of Farah Khan’s major movies. From Main Hoon Na to Happy New Year, all these movies have done spectacularly well at the box office as well.

Farah and Shah Rukh share a great personal bond as well as a great professional relationship. The two have been seen in and out of each other’s apartments and have been present at every bash they host. However, rumour is, Shah Rukh will NOT be seen in Farah Khan’s next venture!

Shocker of a shocker! Right? Yeah! Apparently, Shah Rukh is not happy with the quality of films being given to him nor is he happy with the kind of work he has been asked to do. Ouch! Clearly, not all is well in the world of best friendship. Farah now plans on launching a new and younger actor in her next movie. The story for the character will be modified based on the new actor.  Stay tuned to know who Farah Khan picks!