Shashi Tharoor Receives Condolences Calls!

Congress M.P., Shashi Tharoor, received condolence calls in wake of veteran actor Shashi Kapoor’s demise. A major media house made a major error in the names, declaring Shashi Tharoor as departed and not the actor.

Shashi Kapoor tweeted the loss of the actor and expresses his pain over the passing away of a celebrity who was loved by everyone all over the country.

Unfortunately for the politician, the problems started when a leading media house tweeted that Tharoor has passed away. Amid the trolling and bashing, the problem grew so much that Tharoor’s office started getting condolence calls too.

Tharoor had to move to Twitter and confirm the fact that he is indeed alive, well and kicking! Who knew a misspelled word could cause so much trouble? Check out the entire exchange here!


The media house apologised immediately and here is how Shashi Tharoor repsonded.