Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir and Salman Khan: Which Khan Is Your Favourite?

Yaadon Ki Baraat Nikli Hai Aaj Dil Ke Dwaare.” Today is a day to reminisce and this time, it is about the Bollywood superstars who have been reigning kings for the last two and a half decades. I have always been a huge fan of Bollywood and the happily forever afters the industry offers to us on a big, huge screen. While actors come and go, there are some who have been there for a long time. They stole our hearts with their smiles, shattered our dreams with the amount of love they had and stole the show with their spectacular acting skills. I think you know who I mean by now, right? Yeah. I am talking about the Big Three, that is, the three Khans of Bollywood!

They came. They saw. They conquered. Bollywood has been and continues to be ruled by the three Khans Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan for the last two and a half decades. They are the Marvel Cinematic Universe of India, an unchallenged trio of movie gods! The three Khans singularly established themselves as the World’s most reliable box office drawers, scoring super hit after super hit with every new release. The King Khans collectively account for hundreds of millions of ticket sales, and more than Rs. 6 billion in theatrical revenue during the past five years alone.

Shah Rukh and Salman rank Number 1 and Number 2 respectively, while Aamir ranks Number 5, as the top earners on the Forbes 2015 Indian Celebrity 100 list. Each of these actors has a personal fortune that totals up to hundreds of millions of dollars. While Salman Khan and Aamir Khan started their careers in the 1980s, Shah Rukh Khan started his in the early ’90s.

This Triumvirate, as I like to call them, celebrated their 50th birthdays in 2015. Since the big 50, I have always wondered how long these Khans would stay on their thrones! Handsomely devilish, with looks to kill for, Aamir Khan came as a breath of fresh air.  Aamir Khan, aka, Mr. Perfectionist, made his big Bollywood debut with Yaadon Ki Baarat. He was one of the first Bollywood actors to pave the path to the Oscars for Bollywood cinema! Even now, every movie Aamir acts in has a tone of perfectionism to it. From the costumes, to the design, to the acting, Aamir leaves no stone turned to ensure the movie is absolutely perfect.

While Aamir Khan is Mr. Perfectionist, Salman Khan is the Eternal Bachelor of Bollywood. Why you ask? Simple. This particular actor lives to work and works to live. Salman Khan, taught us true love exists with his Bollywood debut, Biwi Ho To Aisi. He is the Boy Next Door, the Boy Who Got Away, the Heart Breaker. Whether or not he sticks around, what I want to know is, who captures this Khan’s heart?

You know how they say there is only one King that rules them all? Clearly, that is not the case with the Kings of Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan comes as the undisputed Badshah of Bollywood. With no Godfather watching over him, this particular Khan came from nothing and made a name for himself in an industry that is dominated by nepotism. Shah Rukh Khan, who made his Bollywood debut with Deewana and stole our hearts just the way he is. Each actor has blockbusters that make them stand out, towering over other actors and setting them apart.

From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Lagaan to Golmaal,  every movie has dollops of Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in them. Every movie they act in, has big parts of these three Khans clearly visible in them. Even as a child, I could not decide which of these three I liked. Now, it is harder for me to zero in on one of the three. While the three Khans have been the Kings of Bollywood for the last two and a half decades, there is but one question to which I want an answer. All I want to know is, which of the three are going to remain in the industry for the long haul? Do Vote and let us know

Aamir Khan, Salman Khan And Shah Rukh Khan. Which Khan Is Your Favourite?