Social Turns a Dark Corner!

The latest episode of Social released yesterday and it progressed to an extremely dark turn. In the previous episode, we saw the team have a major breakthrough in the case. The Commissioner gets to the bottom of the case and realises one of the main people behind the online trafficking scandal was Agent J. With the help of Pruthvi and the gang, the Commissioner traps Agent J and takes him into custody.

Nidhi works with Chaand to figure out where Ram could be. While working with Chaand, Nidhi uncovers not one, but two horrifying truths. She goes to her boss, G.K., with the news and tells him how she thinks his son could be behind the abduction. Through it all, Agent J realises the jig is up for him. In one last horrific act, he immediately uploads the video that shows Veda being murdered.

While Pruthvi and the gang are trying to help the Commissioner get closer to Agent J, the news of Veda’s death comes as a devastating blow. Rana Daggubatti’s latest digital series, Social, talks about the evils of social media and how one click can destroy your life. If you still have not watched the latest episode, watch it here: