Anushka Shetty Takes Prabhas’s Advice On Bollywood Career?

Rumour is, Karan Johar was all set to cast Anushka Shetty in his next movie. However, following Prabhas’s suit, Ms. Shetty also turned down KJo’s offer! Anushka Shetty shot to fame with the Baahubali franchise and gained a lot of appreciation for her role in the franchise.

Ms. Shetty has declined major offers that have come her way. KJo declined to launch Prabhas in Bollywood, as he demanded an exorbitant amount of remuneration for his role. Anushka has already declined a role in Tamasha, Golmaal Again and Singham for reasons known only to Ms. Shetty. To an outsider, it seems as though Prabhas influenced Anushka’s decisions.

A source close to Prabhas and Anushka confirmed these speculations by saying, “Karan was keen on casting Anushka in one of his projects, but she didn’t find the role adequate enough for her. She had rejected Tamasha for similar reasons as well. And yes, there are speculations that she may have consulted Prabhas before refusing the film.” It seems Anushka depends on Prabhas for emotional and career advice and this is a clear indication of that. 

It is going to be interesting to see how the actress moves forward after the Baahubali franchise and how her Bollywood debut would be.