Deepika Padukone’s And Shah Rukh Khan’s Blockbuster, Om Shanti Om, Turns Ten!

I still cannot forget 9 November, 2007, the day Om Shanti Om released! This movie had everything possible for an entertaining night out, and I must say, I was not disappointed. Double roles, unfinished business from a previous life, hidden marriages and star crossed lovers; what is there not to love about this movie?! Om Shanti Om boasts of influences from the past classical hits from Bollywood. Whether we like it or not, Deepika Padukone’s character in Om Shanti Om draws a major influence from Hema Malini as the Dream Girl.

As Farha Khan’s directorial debut, Om Shanti Om could not have been done any better. The movie mocked the Indian Film Fare Awards and brought to reality the various loopholes in the Bollywood film industry. From the very first scene, I fell in love with the movie. Deepika Padukone pulls off both sides of her characters with ease and precision while Shah Rukh Khan played the role of a spoilt, love struck bratty junior artist, with unparalleled ease.

The much awaited song, Dard E Disco, saw 31 actors and actresses coming together on screen for the first time ever and for this, I laud Farah Khan! As a director, Farah Khan went with guns a blazing and made a mark for herself at a time when people were producing films with no real substance in them. For me, Arjun Rampal stole the show as the quintessential bad boy the way he smoked, the way he carried himself, everything about him just blew my breath away.

Today, as Om Shanti Om turns ten, I pause to ponder on one important fact. Filmmakers these days are so terrified of doing something as original as Om Shanti Om. Everyone is petrified of a bad review and what can happen if the film tanks. Why can not more people not take a risk like Farah Khan and create something beautiful? Today is a day for reminiscing and as Om Shanti Om turns ten, I think I am going to sit and binge watch this masterpiece of a movie as  many times as I can!