Anupam Kher Drops In Unannounced At FTII.

Recently appointed chairman of Film and Television Instute of India (FTII) Anupam Kher made a surprise visit to the institution that left both agitators and supporters spellbound.

The newly appointed chairman did not want any one to know he was coming. He wanted the experience to be as authentic as possible and live streamed the entire drive to the institution, making the viewers guess his location the entire time.

When Kher was appointed chairman, there were a lot of concerns raises as he was already chairman of an acting instute he had founded. However, after meeting the adminsistration, Kher met the student body and gave them a brief lecture on film and acting. He realised that there are a lot of issues the students are facing and only by solving them will they be able to fix the agitation.

Looking at his first visit as a positive start of his inning with FTII as a chairman, he said, “I want to start my term on an optimistic note. I held informal meeting with students where healthy discussion took place.”

Anupam Kher plans on working through all the issues that were addressed in the informal meeting. He plans on making things right as much as possible during his term and wants to get FTII back to the old values and principles.