Karan Johar’s Big Announcement!

Our stars and their babies have stolen our hearts. Attention and adoration come with the job and perhaps, that is why our star parents are okay with the attention their babies have been receiving.

Kareena Kapoor is always seen with Taimur Ali Khan, Mira and Shahid Kapoor are seen with their daughter Misha and Karan Johar has been posting really cute pictures of his twins on social media.

While the other star parents have made introduced their children to the rest of the world, Karan Johar is yet to bring his twins out into the world. KJo has said his children will make their first appearance in December and that Kareena and him have something really special planned for the coming out party. “Kareena and I have decided, it’s Taimur’s birthday party. He is two months older than them. Taimur was born in December. So his birthday party is where Yash and Roohi will make their debut appearance. Watch out Instagram! Because these three cuties are going to break the internet. I can’t wait for that photograph,” says KJo.

With Taimur turning a year old and Karan Johar bringing his twins out for the first time, the month of December is going to be extremely exciting. We cannot wait for the pictures that are sure to make us go aaawwww.