Baahubali 2 or Robot 2.0. Which Would Be A Bigger Hit?

You know how there are days when nothing seems to go right in your life? When everything seems blue and you have nothing to look forward to? Well, I have some news for you. I am not one of those people. As a Tamilian living in the land of Tollywood, I have everything that is needed to turn my frown into a smile. For the days when I feel like laughing my anger out, I have sambhar rice, vadumanga and Rajinikanth. For the days when I feel heartbroken and in need of some mush, I have chicken, pulao and Prabhas! Little did I know that there were people conspiring to destroy my perfect life.

S.S. Rajamouli and S. Shankar decided to make two movies that are just outstanding. S.S.Rajamouli broke all barriers of Tollywood with Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, while S. Shankar created new records with 2.0. Both the movies have all the answers to my ailments. However, picking one from the other is something with which my frail heart has not been able to come to terms with.

S.S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali is a tribute to the success of the underdog. I love these stories, you know? The story of the orphaned baby Shiva (Prabhas) grows up to find out he really is a king and has enemies to destroy. The history of his past along with a breathtakingly beautiful love interest, is one that pacifies and excites my heart at the same time. The script, the acting, the direction, the visual effects and the songs all came together to form the perfect recipe for a good movie night. Prabhas stole my heart and soul with his beauty and acting. I mean, come on, he is what my teenage self would have wanted and fallen in love with in an instant.

While this may have seemed to be the perfect balm, I just had to go and watch the new trailer of 2.0. S.Shankar spent a whopping Rs. 400 crores to make the movie that stars Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth have both been my childhood heroes. I have grown up watching Akshay Kumar play the good boy and Rajinikanth play the understated hero. Out of the blue, here comes a movie that shocks my senses. I could never imagine a movie where Akshay Kumar plays the villain after 16 LONG years and Rajinikanth plays the role of a superhero. Amy Jackson plays the role of a cyborg and I must admit, I have a little crush on her.

2.0 has shattered every sense of reality for me. Rajinikanth and sambhar rice do not go together anymore. Experimenting with breaking boundaries is now a thing and clearly, the choices are numerous. 2.0 comes with unparalleled visual effects, stellar performances and an enviable songs list. Now, my aching heart awaits for something exciting. You know those people who count the days down till their favourite movie comes on to the screen? I must confess, I have become one of those girls.

My once sure heart is now confused. I knew what I wanted for my movie fixes, but now, with two amazingly brilliant movies to choose from, my heart is confused. Help me pick, won’t you?

Will Robot 2.0 Beat Baahubali 2's Records? Yes Or No?