Weekly Movie Bucket List

It’s the weekend and we all have plans. For those of you who feel like you haven’t watched a good movie in a while, today we give you a list of movies that are not just brilliant, but also critically acclaimed.

1) Amu.

Directed by the maker of Margerita With A Straw, Amu revolves around Konkana Sen Sharma‘s character. The actress plays the character of a woman who, once she finds out she’s adopted, leaves her sheltered life in the US. She comes to India to find out the truth about her real parents. The movie is set during the riots that followed after Indira Gandhi’s assassination. The movie also won the Best Feature Film in English Award in 2005! Get ready to get your socks blown off!

2) Parzania.

Rahul Dholakia has been acknowledged country wide for directing some of the most outstanding movies yet. Parzania, featuring Naseruddin Shah and Sarika, is set in the grim backdrop of the 2002 Gujurat Riots. The movie is based on the real life story of a young Parsi boy who was captured and tortured during the riots. This riveting movie is a true tale on how things went so horribly wrong during the riots. This is one film that you can’t afford to miss.

3) Rang Raasiya

This particular film has fought all the barriers of everything that is wrong with the Indian Censor Board. If you are tired of everything being censored, then this is one movie that you MUST watch. Rang Raasiya, directed by Ketan Mehta, talks about everything that’s real and breathtakingly true in the Indian society.

4) I Am Kalam

Nila Madhab Panda shot to fame with this very endearing film. His story on the then Indian President, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, caught the eyes of adoring fans all over the country. This particular film received critical acclaim and won awards not just at the Cannes Film Festival, but at several prestigious film awards all over the world.

5) Matroobhumi

Manish Jha’s Matroobhimi will hit you in the guts. It’s a hard hitting story that centers around infant feticide, gender equality and a future distopia. The movie brings to light issues that would have otherwise been left ignored or unanswered.

How many times have we heard of these movies or wanted to watch them? These movies just happen to slip our attention completely. With the rains hitting us hard this weekend, it’s time to soak in the glorious side of Indian cinema and binge watch these five amazing movies!