Trial By The Media. A Very Real Issue.

Donald Trump had recently made a very strong public remark about the much celebrated actress, Meryl Streep. He said she was “underrated and undeserving” of the love and attention she covets. Meryl Streep responded to Trump’s allegations without ever directly referring to him. Her comments at the Golden Globe Awards regarding this issue actually lead to a tremendous increase in her fan base.

However, while the West is very accommodating with their stars and their public statements, we aren’t. In the recent past, Bollywood stars have gotten a lot of heat for their bold statements. These comments come not just from the fans, but from within the community itself. Take the case of Aamir Khan for instance. He had made a statement on how he was afraid for the safety of his family. Aamir faced a lot of negative backlash for this particular comment. It doesn’t just stop at negative back lash from the fans. Members from the film fraternity responded as well. Anuppam Kher went so far as to ask Aamir Khan to move to a place Kiran Rao would be comfortable with.

The buck doesn’t stop at just Aamir Khan. Fawad Khan was asked to leave the country because he was a Pakistani actor. His role in the movie, Ey Dil Hai Mushkil, was shortened because of all the negative whiplash he received.

Shah Rukh Khan received serious negative flak for saying that “there is extreme intolerence in the country.”

Kamal Hasan went through the whole award returning issue as it would offend the country that gave it to him so lovingly.

These are just some of the celebrities that have faced such a strong reaction for just some of their comments. Through the years, we have been extremely critical about every thing. Silence is offensive. Comments are defensive. There’s not a single statement that goes without intense scrutiny.

Indian celebrities are given a higher than God status in our countyry. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to have an opinion or say in everything that goes on in the world. Silence should just be taken as silence. Comments should be just taken as comments.