Ranbir Kapoor Beefed Look Not For Sanjay Dutt Biopic Reveals Trainer

The recent beefed up picture of Ranbir Kapoor posing in the gym created a storm on social media. Everyone was shocked with the transformation of Ranbir, and to be frank, some also thought it was photoshopped. But no, it was real!

As many of us thought that the transformation that Ranbir has undergone, was for the Sanjay Dutt biopic. However, his personal trainer Kunal Gir revealed that he was not for Sanjay Dutt biopic instead, it was a test look for Dragon, the superhero movie that is directed by Ayan Mukherji which stars Alia Bhatt in the female lead.

Kunal Gir said “I never mentioned in the caption of the picture that it is one of Ranbir Kapoor‘s transformation for Sanjay Dutt biopic. People made that assumption. See, Raj Kumar Hirani’s film had body building shots and so we had to recreate gym sequences. During the shoot, Ranbir had gained 14 kilos. It was all done to make him look age appropriate. Whereas, if I talk about the latest picture of Ranbir Kapoor that I had uploaded recently, the transformation has been done for a look test for Ayan Mukherji’s film Dragon. He had to shed 8 kilos to look leaner and harder for the same.”

Well, we have to say, good job dude! Let’s hope this one gets confirmed for Dragon.