Is Deepika Padukone’s father okay with her vulgar actions, yet he is a respectable person? Check out the answer below!

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Deepika Padukone, also an accomplished badminton player, has won 4 Filmfare Awards, 6 IIFA Awards, 9 Screen Awards, 6 Zee Cine Awards and proved her acting skills to boot. In spite of Deepika’s sacrifices for her acting profession, a question of criticism has arisen; “Why is Deepika Padukone’s father okay with her vulgar actions when he is a respectable person?” It is sad to come across a question like this because Deepika Padukone is such a morally upright person. She lives a good and traditional life, is respectful of her elders and is a philanthropist. Deepika is a very private person but expresses her views about women empowerment. This is something which makes her inner voice more beautiful.
Since this vulgar question has been aired, there have also been people who started supporting their beloved Deepika Padukone. Let’s read their perception!  “Just because she wears (a) bikini and kisses actors on screen doesn’t mean that she is vulgar. She has made her parents proud, her parents are happy, not disappointed. Keep in mind, Deepika Padukone is also a respectable person,” said a netizen. “I am not her fan but your question was pretty lame:
bikini: So? What’s wrong with wearing a bikini? She is not the only actress donning a bikini nowadays. She’s got a great bod for all I know. I don’t see how she looks vulgar in it. Must be something in your eyes.

My choice video: Grow up dude. Now that is exactly why it is titled My choice. It’s her choice what videos she stars in. But wait, is that video vulgar? Duh.
Link ups: Come on! This is Bollywood we are talking about! Anybody and everybody gets to be linked up here no matter what. And so what if she has had relationships. Who doesn’t nowadays?
Sex with co-stars: Did she tell you about it in person? Why does her sex life bother you so much? And why on earth do you care so much?
Her father is perfectly fine with all her choices because
She is an adult.
She is not doing anything wrong.
She is mature enough to make her own decisions.
He is not a narrow-minded person.
He respects her individuality,” said another netizen. 

From this, it is very much clear that Deepika has a lot of love and support. Her character and her profession are two things.  Prakash Padukone, her father doesn’t seem to be disappointed at all, in fact, he is a proud father! I would suggest people check on the link below to see how proud her parents are.