Vivek Oberoi reasons why he will not do adult comedies ever again!

Vivek Oberoi is notorious for his Masti series. Masti was amazing but it started to lose the plot with each passing sequel. Starting from his upcoming film Bank Chor, Vivek said he would not do adult comedies, just like his co-star Riteish Deshmukh.

“The Masti series was the only outing I had in that space. I used to call Riteish ‘daddu’ because he was the Dadasaheb of adult comedies. You name the adult comedy brand, and he has been a part of it. I think for him it was a big conscious decision to split away from that space and image, as he had done so much of it that he was tired. Adult comedies were never much of my repertoire. I’m not a hypocrite. If I have done a film, I have done it knowingly and unabashedly. However, what I am right now, I don’t know if I will do adult comedies ever again because that was a phase,” said Vivek Oberoi. 

This seems to be a wise decision. People are looking forward to watch Vivek and Riteish in the movie Bank Chor because the trailer is just awesome!