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Meri Pyaari Bindu Movie Review, Rating, Trailer, Public Talk & Box Office Collection



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Meri Pyaari Bindu is a Romance and Drama genre written by Suprotim Sengupta and directed by Akshay Roy. The lead cast in Meri Pyaar Bindu are Parineeti Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana.

Mangobollywood Rating: 

Cast & Crew

Director: Akshay Roy

Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Ayushmann Khurrana, Abish Mathew

Duration: 1h 59m


The story of Meri Pyaari Bindu is about Abhimanyu (Ayushman Khurana) and Bindu (Parineeti Chopra) living in Kolkata, who have been in love with each other since childhood. One day, Bindu’s mom dies in an accident, she suspects her father and leaves the house, Abhimanyu is heart broken. There are many twists in their love story. The story goes from Kolkata to Goa and Mumbai. Does Abhimanyu finally find his love? You need to watch the movie to know that.

Movie review:

Ayushman Khurana and Parineeti Chopra did great work. The rest of the artists also fit in their own roles. The music of the film is good and does not affect the speed of the story. Background score is awesome. As a director, Akshay Roy has done a great job. He has shown the places of Mumbai and Kolkata with great beauty. The story is not new, but the way it is presented is new.

What’s Good: Music is the best thing and added advantage for the film.

What’s Bad: Weak script and over pulling the climax.

Check out the movie review right here:

Final Verdict:

Chemistry of Parineeti and Ayushman in the film is tremendous. Apart from this, the way of story telling is new. The movie can be viewed once.


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102 Not Out First Look Out And It Is All Things Quirky!



102 Not Out First Look Out And It Is All Things Quirky,Mango Bollywood,Latest Bollywood News Updates,Upcoming Bollywood Movies,First Look Of 102 Not Out,#102NotOut,102 Not Out Movie First Look,102 Not Out Movie Updates,102 Not Out Movie Latest News,#TreeTopEntertainment

102 Not Out, the much awaited movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor, just dropped and it looks all things exciting.

The movie is going to see Amitabh playing the role of the 102 year old father, while Rishi Kapoor plays the role of the 75 year old son! Check out the poster here.

Based on a Gujarati play written by Saumya Joshi, 102 Not Out will also see Amitabh Bachchan sing a rap song for the very first time! Directed by Umesh Shukla, this movie is scheduled to hit the screens on 4 May, 2018.


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Baa Baaa Black Sheep Movie Review And First Day Box Office Expectations



Baa Baaa Black Sheep Movie Review And First Day Box Office Expectations,Baa Baaa Black Sheep hindi Movie Review,Baa Baaa Black Sheep 1st Day Box Office Expectations,Manish Paul movie Baa Baaa Black Sheep Review,Baa Baaa Black Sheep public talk,Baa Baaa Black Sheep collection Expectation,2018 bollywood box office collection,mango bollywood,Baa Baaa Black Sheep collection prediction

Baa Baaa Black Sheep Cast: Manjari Phadnis, Manish Paul, Kay Kay Menon, Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor
Baa Baaa Black Sheep Director: Vishwaas Paandya
Baa Baaa Black Sheep mango Bollywood Rating: 2.5 on 5 stars

Director Vishwaas Paandya made his Bollywood directorial debut with this movie. With a strong ensemble cast consisting of talented actors like Anupam Kher, Manjari Phadnis and Kay Kay Menon, one would have expected a quirkily titled movie as this to make a big splash.

However, the film opens with Vishwaas Paandya saying this movie was a tribute to all the films he watched growing up. Unfortunately, within the first few moments of the film, one wonders what his childhood consisted. Balbir Sharma aka baba (Manish Paul), discovers on his 25th birthday that his father Charudutt Sharma (Anupam Kher), a timid cashew dealer in Goa, has been moonlighting as a contract killer Charlie, for years! The two soon get tangled in a chain of events that involve a cop, a fraud art dealer and a few bad guys (also bad actors.)

While the plot seems to be a new one, what does not work for this movie is the songs, the cliched dialogues and the tired action sequences. Manish Paul takes himself way too seriously as the protagonist. Anupam Kher tries a little too hard to fit into a role not made for him and Kay Kay Menon just does not seem to have it in him to act for this movie.

There are twists and turns that have a logical ending. However, the story falls flat because it looks like the cast, as well as the director, do not want to put in the required amount of effort into the movie. Manjari Phadnis does a good job, but is all in all forgettable.

What hurts the heart the most here is to see talented actors like Anupam Kher and Kay Kay Menon be a part of a movie as trivial as this. Watch if you need a break from the daily grind and if you can take reality with more than a pinch of salt. Baa Baaa Black Sheep is expected to get around Rs. 1 crores at the box office on its first day.


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Hichki Movie Review And First Day Box Office Expectations



Hichki Movie Review,Hichki box office collection Expectations,Hichki Box Office collection prediction,Rani Mukerji Hichki Movie Review,bollywood movie Hichki Review,Hichki film review, Hichki movie public response,Hichki collection Expectations,2018 bollywood box office collection,mango bollywood

Hichki Cast: Rani Mukerji, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Asif Basra, Shivkumar Subramaniam
Hickhi Director: Siddharth P. Malhotra
Hichki mango Bollywood Rating: 4 on 5 stars

Rani Mukerji is definitely back with a bang with Hichki. A movie about a teacher affected by Tourette Syndrome. Rani essays the role to perfection as Naina Mathur. Naina is plagued with uncontrollable hiccups, a disorder which prevents her from following her dream of being a teacher.

While Naina makes her peace with this, people around are not ready to look beyond her one flaw. Hichki begins with Mukerji character’s hunt for a job. After five years of rigorous looking, Naina finally lands a job as an English teacher at a Catholic school whose naming founder St Notker had a speech impediment.

The coincidence felt contrived, but more on that later. She’s is hired to teach 9F, a classroom of underprivileged rebels or according to society, “failures” in this posh school. The school and its snobbish teachers seem to have written them off as the children of slum dwellers who do not deserve a fighting chance. Mathur is on call to school these incorrigible teenagers.

The first half is dominated by Naina’s attempts at winning over the class of unruly children through her grit and perseverance. The characterisation is spot on, the acting is flawless. While all these factors act as positives, the twists and turns seem a tad bit forced and overdrawn.

While Hichki is intent on communicating life affirming philosophies such as ‘there are no bad students, but just bad teachers’ and ‘conquer your fear and fly free,’ there were moments in this drama which are very Bollywood. All in all, if you have a recurring itch where you are looking for a movie with meaning and intent, then these ‘hiccups’ in Hichki can very easily be ignored. Definitely a Rani Mukerji film through and through. Worth a watch, this one!


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