Debutante Deepika Padukone had an outfit clash with Viola Davis

To be frank outfits clashes at these events are really not a big deal! In an industry so big, and designers so limited, if two actresses wore the same thing, so what? So there is obviously a very high chance of two actresses coming up with the same outfit.

This was an almost exact case with Deepika Padukone and Viola Davis. The two time, Academy Award winner, Viola, wore a shimmery bright yellow gown to the Golden Globes. However, her outfit clashed with the debutante-Indian actress, Deepika, who also wore a bright yellow flowing gown. To be frank, Deepika looked pretty smokin’ in it!



In fact, even Priyanka Chopra, and Sofia Vergara almost matched their outfits with semi similar designed, at the same event.

So, it’s time to chill and forget and just admire the beauties!