Dangal: 4 Days Box-Office Collection: No Brakes, No Mercy At The B.O.

Aamir Khan- Mr. Perfectionist is at it again. The movie, which released worldwide over 4000 and more screens in India, opened with a bang on openings at the box office. This year a tsunami attacked in the form of “Dangal” on the 23rd of December. Just within 4 days of its release, the film is almost set to hit the Rs. 150 crores mark, and that is unbelievable!

Day 1:
The movie has collected Rs. 29.78 crore as Aamir’s film is now the second most astounding opener of the year after “Sultan,” which saw a great opening with Rs. 36.59 crore, is additionally a wrestling dramatization.

Day 2:
The movie has registered a collection of Rs. 34.82 crore, taking the two-day aggregate to over Rs 64 crore. The bounce in accumulations from the first day of the collection is just about 16 percent.

Day 3:
The film registered collections of Rs. 42.35 crore. Till now the total collection has summed up to Rs. 106.95 crores. Including Telugu and Tamil versions.

Day 4:
Well, Aamir’s film might not earn as it did over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that the rates have gone down, NO! On Monday the film earned 25.48 crores INR, and which is not at all a small figure on the start of a new week. With a Total of Rs. 132.43 crores, the film is still going well and healthy.