Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone head to Dubai to Celebrate in New Year together!

Actors turned couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, have left Mumbai, as they were heading to Dubai on Wednesday night. The couple is on a date to celebrate Christmas and New Year together and also away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city. Dressed in all black, the “Padmavati” co-stars entered the airport a few minutes apart to avoid the media glare.

A source said, “They reached the airport at around 10 P.M. Ranveer, who was the first to arrive, posed for a few pictures. Deepika was spotted making a more hurried entry soon after. While the shutterbugs tried to coax them into revealing their destination, they evaded the question with a smile.”

Well, hope you guys have a great New Year and Christmas together and always remember, you just can’t hide from the media!