Befikre Movie Review

Movie: Befikre

Director: Aditya Chopra

Rating: 3 star

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor

Duration: 2h 30m

Befikre Movie Story:

The film is Set in Paris. Befikre is a romantic drama and a free-spirited, friendly and filled with stupidity and unlimited fun. It’s a contemporary love story of a quintessential Delhi boy Dharam (Ranveer) who comes to Paris for work and also in search of an adventure. The moment he just starts to embark on this journey of his life, Dharam bumps into a free spirited, wild French-born Indian girl Shyra (Vaani). They both who find love in an engaging series of experiences and is impulsive. Lost in the spirit of Paris, the film celebrates love, carefree and mainly it focuses on living life to the fullest. A feisty romance that happens between the two. Battling their ups and downs, both realize that love is something that can only be taken by those who dare to love.

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What’s Good:

  • Aditya Chopra’s Direction. 
  • Amazing music. It makes sure to connect its plot with all the youngsters.
  • Ranveer Singh and Vaani rock the dance floors with their peaks of stupidity.
  • Ranveer’s performance is something that you will miss especially after the movie finishes.

What’s Bad:

  • Well, in a country where loves stories become a blockbuster, this film might not really change the perspective of love, hence will be watched for fun.

Final Review: A journey of life with fun is never boring. The movie makes sure it doesn’t bore you. The film “Befikre” is filled with fun and you will enjoy watching it for the first time. We mangobollywood rate 3 out of 5.

3 star

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