Priyanka Chopra Does A Hindi Scence In Quantico!

Priyanka Chopra achieved the biggest milestone in her career with her Hollywood TV series “Quantico.” We don’t really see an Indian Actress getting a lead in the West TV shows, do we? So love it or not guys,  she has been creating a lot of buzzes globally.

Her famous Hollywood TV series “Quantico” which is in the second season now, and Priyanka has a surprise to her Indian fans in an episode of the series. The actress adds an Indian flavor to a scene by speaking her mother tongue, Hindi for few seconds and surprises everyone with it.

She was so excited about it and used Twitter to make her Indian Fans know about it. “Loved doing a scene in Hindi on #Quantico #homeawayfromhome #misshome,” she wrote.

The actress will also be seen in her Hollywood debut film “Baywatch” starring opposite Dwayne Johnson. She released a poster of her look as Halloween special from the movie recently on Twitter.