ROCK ON 2 Trailer: Here Comes A New Magik!

‘Magik’ is very much Alive! In “Rock On” Farhan Akhtar, Purab Kohli, and Arjun Rampal were seen playing the lead roles. They played as the onscreen band members of the band Magik in “Rock On.”

The sequel, “Rock On 2” shows us the comeback of Magik with a new entry in the band, Shraddha Kapoor. She plays an aspiring role of a singer named Jia, and auditions and finds a spot in the band. She steals the heart of Farhan Akhtar’s character showing. Kapoor’s character wants to prove herself as the best singer by putting aside all the fears of getting on the stage and giving a live performance.

Check out the trailer here:

Farhan is seen haunted by his past experience. Arjun’s unique and indifferent look is something so good to look at, and Purab’s electric-like character, adding some mix of emotions that run through the trailer. But at the end, the reason they are united is their love towards music.