Budhia Singh – Born To Run movie review:

Budhia Singh – Born To Run movie review:

Mangobollywood Rating: 3 star

Movie: Budhia Singh – Born To Run

Director: Soumendra Padhi

Cast: Mayur Patole, Shruti Marathe & Manoj Bajpayee

The story revolves around a 5-year-old kid who took the world by storm during 2005-2006.

Budhia Singh, comes from a poor family and was sold by his mother, Sukanti, for 800 rupees to a bangle maker. Budhia’s life could have been a hell on earth as a bonded slave. But what changed his life was, the well known Judo sensei, Biranchi Das who runs a school for orphans in Odisha.  Here Biranchi Das, teaches and trains the underprivileged youngsters of Odisha, to help change their lot in life.

In the wake of taking Budhia under his tutelage, Biranchi recognizes his talent and suggests Buddia should prepare for marathons. Biranchi Das becomes the personal trainer to Budhia Singh India’s first ever marathoner. Budhia soon gets to be known in his immediate regionand pretty soon the whole State knows him as ‘The Marathon Boy.’ The story unfolds in this way, Budhia Singh’s early life, to his preparation for competition, his remarkable Bhubneshawar-Puri 65 km run and Biranchi’s puzzling death.

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What’s good about the story it is straightforward and crude. The first half is interesting to keep you glued to your seat, yet it dragged too much in the second half. The relationship between Manoj Bajpayee and Mayur Patole, in the film goes past father and son in the movie.

What’s the drawback, the director’s attempt to demonstrate Biranchi Das as a casualty of the government, which is dosen’t do justice to the genuine man that he was.

Final Review: “Budhia Singh-Born To Run”, is an enthusiastic film that highlights the account of a child whose story has been forgotten. It is a story that should be told. As a biopic, this one hits the right nerve. We at  mangobollywood.com would rate 3/5 stars.

3 star