Phobia movie review:

Phobia movie review:

Rating:4 star

Movie: Phobia

Star Cast: Radhika Apte

Director: Pawan Kripalani

Produced by: Viki Rajani, Sunil Lulla

Music: Daniel B George

Director Pawan Kriplani is coming back again with this psycho thriller dramatization. We have seen his Ragini MMS and he was entirely fruitful in sickening the gathering of people all through the film. This time in Phobia he is accompanying Radhika Apte.

The story is about a young lady suffering from agoraphobia. Mahek (Radhika Apte) is the casualty, who experiences the issue after she was ambushed by a cab driver. She is frightened to go out in the open spaces and is threatened to meet new individuals. We find in the official trailer that in the wake of being attacked, she is presently experiencing this extreme fear. Mehek (Radhika) is dreaded from the progression out of the house however her life gets to be damnation when living inside.After her senior sister is bolstered up of this new unforeseen development, Mahek’s beau (Satyadeep Mishra) takes her to a level in Malad. The past inhabitant of the level has gone slipping away, and her life partner, likewise happens to be her neighbor (Ankur Vikal) is a frightening person who giggles deranged. At her home, Mahek hears bizarre voices and sees irritating dreams. Her beau feels her condition is simply irritating, yet she is certain it has something to do with the missing instance of the past inhabitant.

Watch the Official Trailer right below:

What’s Good about the story is I was truly astounded by the panics the film had in store for me, particularly in the first half of the movie . The reason is a novel topic for the Indian groups of onlookers, particularly the subject of agoraphobia. Director Pawan Kripalani makes an incredible showing with regards to in setting up Mahek’s uncommon illness. A few scenes made me bounce, and the tension was unquestionably nail-gnawing. The interim scene will startle the damnation out of you. In any case, nothing would have worked if the director Pawan had thrown a sub-par ability ahead of the pack part. That is the place Radhika Apte scores. She is essentially tremendous as the lady who is terrified of venturing out of her home, and also staying inside.

What’s bad is with the first being exciting and second a letdown. This is the thing that I felt in the wake of experiencing the second half of the movie was a little bit dull.The theoretical imageries at last just make us scratch our heads more.

Final Review about the movie: A truly claustrophobic first half and Radhika Apte’s phenomenal execution were its pros. However, the limp second half just downgrades its status to a better than the average thriller. So, I go with 4 out 5.

4 star