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Nannaku Prematho Audio Launch Full Video



Nannaku Prematho Audio Launch Full Video

Nannaku Prematho audio launch Full video: Watch Jr NTR’s film’s music release online, The audio launch of director Sukumar’s “Nannaku Prematho” starring Junior NTR & Rakul Preet Singh in the lead is being held in Hyderabad this evening. It is also being live-streamed on YouTube.

“Nannaku Prematho” is one of the most awaited Telugu movies of the year, & its posters & teasers have created a lot of curiosity among filmgoers, who are now eagerly waiting to listen to its songs. The makers of the film have planned to release its music at a function at Shilpakala Vedhika in Hyderabad.

The audio launch function of “Nannaku Prematho” will start at 7 pm on Sunday, & is expected to be attended by many celebrities from the Telugu film industry. Ace directors SS Rajamouli & VV Vinayak will reportedly be chief guests & unveil the first set of audio CDs of the film, which will be broadcast live on some Telugu TV channels.


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Bollywood Movies With Very Weird Endings



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Bollywood has always shown us movies are larger than life. Bollywood has always told us we need to escape real life through the tales they spin and the webs they weave. While we are on the same page for the most part, there are some movies which definitely work hard to challenge our intellect. Here are a few movies whose endings are so bizarre, the entire plot of the movie is lost.

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 

While I am a closeted Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fan, the movie makes no sense. Anjali loved Rahul but Rahul loved Tina and Tina loved him back. They got married, had a child and Tina promptly passed away. Eight years later, Rahul’s kid sets out to meet her namesake who is now engaged to Aman (Salman Khan) who plays the perfect stalker. While the plot seems fairly text book so far, the ending is just very off book. Rahul realises he loves Anjali and Aman just had to give her away at their wedding. What on earth was the entire 2 and a half hours before this about then?

2. Delhi 6 

Normal people pass away and go to wherever they are meant to go to. However, not in this movie. Abhishek Bachchan’s character life ends and unlike normal people, he meets his grandfather, eats jalebis with him and then comes back to life like it’s nobody’s business. Meanwhile, Sonam Kapoor and a pigeon share a funny love story. Only Ekta Kapoor has been known to shed a tear or more for this particular film. The rest of us just cried because of the sheer idiocy.

3. Parineeta 

Bollywood has taught us grand gestures are the way to happily forever afters. However, this does not mean the gestures always make sense. Take Parineeta for example. Saif Ali Khan’s character fought against all odds to find his way back to his wife, Vidya Balan. Did he really have to uproot a fountain and do it though? If the wall he broke through was an Ambuja Cements product, the company would have shut down long, long ago!

4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 

This movie taught us a lot of things. The main one being, if he does not love you, then just let him go already! In this movie, however, logic is just lost towards the end. “Did you miss the shot the first time? No problem. Here is another bullet.” This essentially forms the principal plot of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Why Bollywood? Why do you reinforce this stalker like tendencies?

5. Taalash 

Have you ever eaten a dish thinking it was paneer but it turns out it really was soya chunks? Well, Taalash is exactly like that. What starts off as a pretty interesting crime thriller turns out to be a story about really well dressed, vengeful ghost. Why you do this to us? Just why?

6. Cocktail 

A love triangle and a happy ending is not an uncommon script in Bollywood. However, one gets very Kuch Kuch Hota Hai feels from this particular movie. The only different thing here? The girl gives her best friend the boy. My problem with Cocktail is simple. It is a “cocktail” of a lot of things and the end result is really not appetising. Yech.

Movies like this make us stop and think about all the time we could have spent doing something else. I mean, come on guys, we want entertainment, but we also want a little bit of sense at the end of the road. Right?



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Five Times Bollywood Chose Stars Over Actors



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Time and time again, real actors have been cast aside for the “stars.” Remember Kangana Ranaut’s comment on nepotism? Scream all they want, our Bollywood stars cannot deny the fact that this is a true and unfair practice still being followed; even in the 21st century! If you still are not convinced, then here are five Bollywood movies which prove just this fact!

1. Prem Ratan Dhan Pao

I am sorry Sonam Kapoor, but you just do not have the acting genes. While you do act a little bit in Neerja, you really disappointed us in movies like Prem Ratan Dhan Pao. We all think Swara Bhaskar, who had the second lead, could have done a much, MUCH better job in this movie! Oh well. What to do. You are a born “star.”

2. Half Girlfriend 

Why would one pick Arjun Kapoor, of all people, to play the role of a love lost and life wronged Bihari? Getting the Bihari accent bang on, Vikrant Massey was the ONLY good thing about Mohit Suri’s disastrous film, based on Chetan Bhagat’s equally disastrous book, by the same name. Clearly, the makers went the star way and picked the obvious choice here. Because boo acting.

3. Sarbjit

In Sarbjit, the author backed role went to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It was quite clear from the movie that this part was way too powerful for her to pull off, while Richa Chadda was relegated to a smaller part in the movie. We know what the truth here is though. Nepotism – 1; Real talent – 0!

4. Delhi Belly 

Okay. Imran Khan does look, but then again, that is all he does. Vir Das or Kumal Roy Kapoor could have easily pulled off Imran’s role. Interestingly, the two definitely proved their worth considering the fact they did most of the heavy lifting in this movie. Nah. We do not want talent. We want a star in the lead.

5. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

This is one movie where Salman Khan proved he could deliver hits even with a content driven movie. Unfortunately for him, Nawazuddin Siddique could have definitely played the role a better way and still taken it to the 100 crores club. Salman Khan, however, had to be the lead, because apna Bhai hai!

If films like TrappedBareily Ki BarfiLipstick Under My Burkha and Newton have taught us anything, it is that we, the audience, want to see good actors and not just “stars.” Content is indeed the king of the box office and no matter how big the star, a bad performance just will not make the cut. Ideally, Bollywood should be listening, right? So sit up, listen and take notice of the world that is changing for the better! We know you can do it!


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Aamir Khan: Fun Things You Did Not Know About Mr. Perfectionist



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Aamir Khan is probably one of the few Khans who keeps to himself, does more and shows less. In the Bollywood world, when anyone says perfection, only one name pops to mind, that of Aamir Khan! Not only are we great admirers of his brilliant acting, but also of all the hidden talents this man posses. Today, we give you some facts about Aamir Khan which you probably did not know.

1. The climax scene of the movie ‘Ghulam’ was shot over 10 to 12 days. It is a fight scene where Aamir gets beaten a lot by the villain. Aamir ends up getting a lot of blood and dirt on this face. Aamir did not take bath for those 12 days to maintain the accuracy and consistency of the look on his face.

2. Do you know Aamir hails from a family of freedom fighters? The Bollywood actor’s great grand uncle was the Indian freedom fighter and philosopher, Abul Kalam Azad. We’re guessing that is where his youngest son got his name.

3. Aamir Khan has a middle name and no, it is not Mr. Perfectionist. His real name is Aamir Hussain Khan!

4. Mr. Perfectionist almost rejected Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Oscar nominated Lagaan. Rumour is, Aamir did not like the script and asked for six drafts! He loved the 7th one so much, he decided to produce it as well!

5. Unlike several other actors, Aamir never agrees to do a film without a bound script – irrespective of the director or production house.

6. Aamir was the first actor in Bollywood to do one movie at during a year. Now, a lot of Bollywood actors have started following this trend.

7. Aamir was approached first for Darr by Yash Chopra. However, he demanded joint narration with Sunny Deol and the role went to Shahrukh Khan. For the publicity of the movie, Aamir personally had stuck the QSQT posters on the back of rickshaws after taking drivers permission




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